The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mistaking depression for delight.

A friend recently told me in an e-mail: "I am sure u must be delighted about the economy. all of your predictions are coming to fruition."

To which I had to reply:

"Delighted? That's just plain mean. It's like saying that the voices warning about the imminence of an Al-quaeda attack on the US in 2001 were "delighted" at the destruction of those twin soulless monoliths in Manhattan.

To suggest that because I didn't join the silence of the lambs as they flocked to be fleeced by usurers and conmen, dutifully wearing flag pendants in their lapels, is a perfect example of how the repression of any opinion that doesn't conform to the official script of the Age of Reagan, AIPAC, and the PNAC is not thrust upon us, Orwellian style, by an ever-watchful Big Brother, but instead is inflicted on us by the very citizens we wish to enlighten.

The message is do not rock the boat by discussing the perfidy wrought in dark backrooms where financiers, CEO's and politicians, posing as pious Puritans, virtuously betray their country and give their whole-souled services to the ruin of their fellow men.

Because although they offer their usual assured pronouncements upon finance, banking, market trends and property values, it is spine-tinglingly apparent that below all this is just utter, naked, frantic terror - the terror of men who know that they are ruined and are afraid to admit it, even to themselves.

The broken fragments of America waits and fears and schemes to put off the day of its impending ruin ... that you should accuse me of being delighted by this devolution into the maelstrom of anarchy and fear simply because I gave voice to how alarmed I was at the enormity of the fraud that was so bold-facedly, yes even delightedly, brought upon the citizenry, abetted by their own Oedipal (as in it is self-inflicted) blindness, smacks of denunciation.
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