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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's an Energy crisis, stupid.

William Cristal, one of Milton the Monster's acolytes, was on NPR today whining that no one could have seen the financial debacle brought about by the neocon morons' attempts to shrink government by enlarging the private subcontracting government-trough industry to such an extent that the ballooning of government employees, simultaneously with that of the shadow economy of government lobbying, contracting, bureaucracy and "representation" (ie actual members of Congress and other positions of government "service"( only in government does service mean helping yourself)) is the only game in town for anyone looking for a secure future.

And it is secure. Under the radical rule of the neo-cons (they're neither), all responsibility is transferred to the private sector, which always simply demands more cash to do the job it was hired for but is incapable of doing, as, being the private sector, its only responsibility is to grow and make more money for its share-holders, leaving the tax-payers, on whom it parasitically depends, sucked dry; hopelessly drowning in debt.

The list is well-known:

After the WTC bombing, the National Security Adviser, Condoleeza Rice could sit in front of Congress and the American people and declare that she never discussed aircraft flying into buildings, despite a movie with that plot, a threat against the White house during the Nixon presidency, a warning from the CIA, and dire prognostications from Clarke. She should have been fired on the spot....anyone in private industry would've been out the door for such egregious dereliction of their job function. But our public servants no longer consider doing their job as part of their responsibilities: on all levels of government, collecting their paychecks is the only job description they take seriously.

The next outrageous example, is of course, the Iraq War. Warned by numerous voices, but most accurately by Robert Fisk, of the consequences of an Iraqi invasion, they ignored or suppressed anything that did not speak of a "cakewalk" through Iraq. Never did they mention to the Citizens of the US that their plan was to completely destroy the infrastructure of Iraq, and then award multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts to complicit US firms to rebuild it...not that you would have cared one whit if you had known. Here in the "Home of the Brave", we're ruled by our fear and greed. Whenever satisfying the monumental greed of the Ruling class is threatened, they simply stoke the fear of the populace to a red alert level, and we gladly cede to them whatever they demand, in sheeplike acquiescence.

It's no wonder the only way we can instate a Demockracy is at the point of a gun, and then only after having reduced the target country to a pile of rubble. In both of the wars in which we are now engaged, each country had already been pummeled by more than a decade of United States' war-mongering, reaping huge profits for the arms industry...but that wasn't, never is, enough. Here in the land of the brave and the home of the free, we're used to complete immolation of the native population and utter capitulation to our need, our right, to plunder their resources for our enrichment and comfort.

That's why the warnings to desist are, again and again, beforehand ignored; in retrospect, denied.

Next, a related warning, but nonetheless separate, was what the Iraqi War would cost. The voice in the Bush administration that told of the true cost of the war, pretty much to the penny, was summarily dismissed. The pattern is the same time after time. those in disagreement with the idiocy of Washington are marginalized so that their voices are muted, and then, once the crisis strikes, the warnings are, William Cristal-like, denied.

Katrina followed the exact same pattern...warnings ignored beforehand, in retrospect denied, and the profiteers move in to reap their gains, while government aids and abets them and abandons its citizens to their depredations.The next catastrophe, which will follow the same pattern of denial is already apparent, as the real cause of the financial crisis is ignored. Peak Oil Production is the POP no one heard when the credit bubble burst.

That's because the same dynamics are at play. Those warning of the impending crisis are currently ignored and marginalized, and when the catastrophe strikes, they'll be relegated to the sidelines as impotent. Nouriel Roubini is the prefect example. While that clueless buffoon Ben Stein is still printed in the NYT, and Paul Krugman wins a Nobel prize in economics, Roubini is saddled with the "Doctor Doom" moniker and considered a mere curiosity, despite having predicted not only the timing, but severity of the current financial disaster.

All so the racist undercurrents of the US are free to play their part in assuaging the country's conscience, so they can convince themselves all's fine, we're voting McCain in because he's best for the country, not because we'll do anything rather than elect a black president; even vote for our own doom. We'll even do that....just watch....but, please...DON"T whine that you didn't see it coming, or "who could have Known?" You all know....You all see it....but it's the path you'll choose. Anything's better than voting for a nigger. And because that's what you feel, the fate you're so casually walking into, as casually as you cakewalked into Iraq, is going to reap the same whirlwind. Because what's been promised by McCain is all War...all The time...for the rest of our Patriot Act-ruled lives. He suffered for his country, and so godammed it, will you. That's one ppromise a McCain presidency will keep...count on it.

But that's long as it's still the White house.
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