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The Pentagong Show
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Destruction of Credit in the Evil Empire of Debt

Education, like home-ownership, is now merely a method for tying people to their jobs. One would think that referring to employees not as Personnel, but as sub-human resources would enlighten them to the fact that, to HR, employees are just that, resources. And like other resources, there for Corporations to use up and throw on the slag heap. Since most people now know that promised pensions won't materialize and health benefits are a sham that will be exposed only at that moment when you need them the most, employers now look at level of debt to ensure that their workers are more akin to indentured servants, leaving them more exposed to employer abuses and threats, using the threatened loss of their jobs as extortion to force them into working unpaid overtime hours, giving up vacation and sick time, and always be on call, even when "time off" is granted.
Here in the country that determinedly set out to destroy an entire economic system, while clownishly referring to it as "The Evil Empire", even while simultaneously cheer-leading greed as the driving force behind our own (greed is one of the 7 deadly sins, making our empire, by our own definition, the truly Evil (and proud of it!) Empire). Yet millions of people have gone into debt to "educate" themselves, yet finish college and still don't have a clue, nor one iota of curiosity, as to even what the Fed is, never mind how it or the rest of the Capitalist structure functions.
This ignorance makes it possible for the Ayn Rand/Milton Friedman acolytes to change a partially harmful illusion about human nature into a totally noxious one. Then, as if to make sure that the illusion will bear every possible evil fruit, it invests this proudly vice-driven class with precisely that total monopoly of power which is bound to be destructive of workers' rights, which is what the rabid anti-communist right wanted in the first place. A mechanism was needed to keep those uppity workers in line, and a mountain of debt coupled with a dearth of alternative employment opportunities was just the thing to put them into a virtual strait-jacket.
That's all higher "education" gets you today, and the price we pay for allowing our educational institutions to turn into corporate centers for indoctrination, for which the hapless future greed-mongers are forced to pay for themselves.

Hahaahah: Let Friedom Wring (every cent of your future earnings into the profits of your future employers. Now that's American exceptionalism.)
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