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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making the World Strafe for Democracy.

The Tarot's "Exploding Tower".

While riding in a ferris wheel, Harry Lime tells Rolo Martins about how lucrative and creatively stimulating War is in Orson Welles' "The Third Man", thus perfectly summarizing the future trajectory of the US War Machine.

While the nation wrapped itself in a mourning shroud and oozed self-pity, that extreme unction, it prefers to ignore the fact that the snail-like War Machine  has been used to slime its way into involving the Nation in perpetual Nobel Peace Prize Wars.

Published today in the Guardian, in an interview on 9/11/2011, Jimmy Carter stated : 'We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war'. How Rolo, and soooo not for the US. Instead, we put Harry Lime into office in the person of Ronald MacDonald Reagan, to declare "It's morning in America" and commence with fulfilling his Imperial ambition of making the world a secure place for the US Air Force to Strafe for Democracy..

And so began the build-up of unsustainable and unpayable Federal debt, the beginning of  the undermining of Social Security and handing over the keys to the Nation's treasures to a handful of plutocrats, the end of any resemblance of truth by replacing it with an Orwellian Newspeak that would cynically alter any press release, political platform or Federal program into doing the opposite of what it was purportedly created to do.

This was a well-tested formula we learned by heart from those we declared to be our enemies: the Nazis and the USSR. As stated in the final novel, "The Return of Lanny Budd", of Upton Sinclair's towering achievement,  his "World's End" series, Lanny Budd observes "the curious Soviet practice of telling the most bare-faced and obvious lies  and maintaining them in spite of any facts offered in rebuttal. Was it an assertion of their ego, that truth was whatever they chose to make it? Was it a consequence of their denial of the existence of any moral law? Or was it just an expression of their contempt for their opponents? They would tell you a lie and then laugh in your face - not because they thought you believed it, but because you were foolish enough not to understand that they were superior to both the truth and you. Because you were foolish enough to believe that there was actually any such thing as truth in the world! Because you were inferiors, doomed to early extinction , and it didn't matter in the least what you believed about anything! That was really the way they felt, and lying to you was part of the process of your extermination. They, the new Master Class, the future possessors and rulers of the world, yielded to nothing - not even the truth!" (p383)

That this is the entire Karl Rove, GW, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Palin/Bachman/Perry Republican party strategy cum attitude has become increasingly, blatantly, unabashedly demonstrated again and again, yet the oh-so complicit Democrats remain silent time after time.

That's how we ended up with an administration that declared a War on Terror after we were bombed during the Iraq War. A Bush War that was transpiring all during the Clinton Years, and, although it was barely reported on in the US press, was still in full swing during the first year of the Bush fils regime. Because instating and maintaining a no-fly zone over Iraq for more than a decade is an act of War. A fact admitted to, not only by our closest allies, but by our own State Department, as they made evident while debating whether or not to institute a no-fly zone over Libya. This fact is also maintained by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates (Bush's Pentagon Chief!) who calls the imposition of a no-fly zone an  “act of war”.

Why language means something, and why the above facts are important, it needs to be recalled that the reason for the second land invasion in the Iraq War was not only to search for WMD we knew not to be there, but because the Bush/Cheney Axis claimed that Saddam had a hand in the attack perpetrated on the US mainland on 9/11/2001.

Whether we believed such propaganda is not what's important here. The administration professed to believe it. And the Master Class feels so safely ensconced in the cocoon of their lies, so sure that they are superior to both the truth and you, that Cheney restates this not only in his book, but in interviews given since its publication. That means that the Bush administration's stated belief is that the attack perpetrated on the US mainland on 9/11 was an act of War by a sovereign entity with which we were already at War, and not a terrorist attack. But, as demonstrated by the ridiculous success of the media circus over the weekend, they preferred that the US citizenry saw it as an unprovoked assault, leading it  into an indulgence of its puerile fantasy that said attack came unprovoked, unwarranted, and unexpected. It was none of these.

But  "...  lying to you is part of the process of your extermination".  And believing those lies, so as to indulge a  maudlin self-pity that enshrines our own magnificence, makes us a participant in those lies, and the voluntary participants in our own extermination, which, with the planned eventual elimination of Social Security and Medicare, and therefore you, proceeds apace.