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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Red (Party) Menace: They Razz Putin as Fools Rush in

Pulled from the AP wires and published by the Washington Post:

 MOSCOW — Sergei Sokolov, the Soviet defense minister fired by the Politburo after a German teenager landed his plane on Moscow’s Red Square in the 1980s, died in Moscow on Friday. He was 101.

 As pointed out in my post of 8/23/2008:

On May 28, 1987: Mathias Rust took off from Helsinki, and, flying at low altitude to avoid radar detection, landed a small, single-engine plane in Moscow's Red Square.

This caused considerable embarrassment to the Politburo, and within a year the entire top echelon of the Soviet military was replaced.

And as Condynasty Rice reminded us last night:

On September 11, 2001, airline jets slammed into NYC's largest towering skyscrapers and into the Pentagon itself, killing thousands and wreaking havoc in not only those cities but to the airline industry and the economy as a whole. Not one government person lost their job. The head of the National Security council was promoted; the bloated Pentagon budget swelled to catastrophic proportions; Afghanistan, the country that we had armed and made hospitable as a haven for terrorist activity was taken over by those same organizations that had made the attacks possible, and, having set the same trap for ourselves that we had, with much braggadocio as highly publicized in "Charlie Wilson's War", laid for the former Soviet Union, sprang it on ourselves.

This last fact was brought up by Clint Eastwood last night, as he asked the gathering of crypto-fascists known as the RNC whether it wouldn't have been wiser to ask Russia before swooping down on Afghanistan like an avenging angel bent on retributive justice.

Condoleeza Rice, the National Security Adviser when that band of Saudi's crashed planes into NY's twin towers, delivered a speech to the RNC advocating a return to the Bush days of unaccountability and government by plausible deniability. Demonstrating how America's Red states have surpassed even the Soviet Red State apparatchiks in placing Party membership above the interests of the country.

So as Republicans continually shift the blame for the economic woes of the US onto the shoulders of President Obama we need to remember a few salient facts:

The complete lack of accountability for their actions, or lack thereof, makes the moniker of "The Red Party" for the GOP  more appropriate than most realize, as they have adopted all the worst attributes of the Red Menace they so ardently warned us about, and into which they've apparently morphed.

The only American attack on the US mainland since the war of 1812 occurred under their watch, by a group to whom, less than 5 months previous, they'd given $45million.

Bush's presidency left America more dependent on foreign sources for its energy resources than any preceding president. So whereas KGB Putin, like the first CIA Bush, was the head of the Secret Service, unlike the Bushes, Putin made his country not only energy independent, but the world's largest energy producer, while the crony capitalist Bush policies left the United States more and more dependent on reserves from the very State from which the attacks emanated.

When Ronald Reagan took office, Russia's energy industry was on the verge of collapse and America's was flourishing. Through the machinations of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice putsch, that situation was entirely reversed.

Like the Taliban, the Mormons are a small, weird cult of the country's major religion, and one to which the GOP's presidential hopeful gives more money to than to the country he espouses to love. This is so that it can surreptitiously carry out his agenda, as it so remarkably demonstrated with its support of Prop 8 in California, a state of 38 million people that has the tiniest Mormon minority.

The Bush regime like his father's and RReagan increased Federal spending, via deficit spending for the same reason Jeb Bush did in Florida: to achieve their agenda without much voter resistance, as they wouldn't be footing the bill. Then redirecting the monies of their rich buddies to buy safe, triple-A rated government bonds, issued to fund those deficits, protected by the full faith and credit of the US Treasury.

Bush then presided over, and in fact engendered, the worst financial panic in American history. A panic that took the entire globe to the brink of complete economic collapse.

Bush, not Obama, was the first President to double the National debt, and not from stimulus programs to help put working Americans back to work, or to extend unemployment compensation that his disastrous administration made necessary by its catastrophic economic policy of funneling larger and larger mountains of debt into the war machine while simultaneously, relieving his buddies of the responsiblity of sharing any of the burden protecting their investments entailed by passing the largest tax cut to the haves and the have-mores ever.

As speaker after speaker at the RNC blamed President Obama for the plight of the US economy today, not one of them pointed out that every OECD economy on the globe is still trying to fight their way back to solvency because the economic devastation brought onto countries around the world by the disaster known as the Bush Presidency is so pervasive, the perversion of the economic system so intractable, that only Iceland's response of abrogating payment on their insane level of debt has had any ameliorative effects. A response the GOP uncompromisingly rejects.

There is absolutely no GOP plan, nor was there a discussion of one, as to what to do differently than Obama, in order to move the economy out of the hopeless quagmire into which they've driven it. On the contrary, every single one of their policy boondoggles only promises to bring more premature death to more and more Americans, and then to export their death machine  to wreak havoc on burgeoning populations worldwide.

This is the price we pay for having let a criminal enterprise run the country for eight years.  The  prospect of doing so again within such a short time frame is truly frightening. Do we really believe in American exceptionalism so much that we'll prove we're so exceptional we'll reinstate madmen who wish for nothing so ardently as the destruction of their fellow countrymen? That would be exceptional indeed.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Auto May Shun in Car Nations.

In a new entry at his blog,, Gregor MacDonald dares to bring up an  unmentioned reality in his post entitled, "The Demise of the Car".

As hordes of cyclists take over San Francisco and other city's streets, entire economies collapse, the earth's atmosphere undergoes radical change, millions of people get slaughtered, and billions in property damage, eco-system destruction, neighborhood deterioration and demise spreads to country after country, the single most relevant cause of all this chaos, the automobile, is blithely ignored.

Instead a pervasive silence is maintained as all criticism of this monstrosity is muted and any suggestion that maybe the car isn't the solution, but is instead, in a $95/bbl world, the problem, is repressed. Not a word is uttered as the US presidential election cycle enters its last lap, as the social and political implications for the new reality that huge swaths of the population will be left stranded in suburbs with no mean of conveyance gets absolutely no attention: zilch, da nada.

But the truth is, no matter how you feel about global warming, whether it's anthropogenic, simply not occurring,  tomorrow's problem, it is not the reason for the fact that The USA can't continue this way. It is instead, economic. The economics of the US, as it's been altered to serve as little more than a conduit of cash into the surfeit of savings called the fortunes of the rich and infamous, can no longer follow the paradigm of the past.

Simply taking the cost of healthcare insurance, at $12,000 a year per person, highlights the problem of a continued automoted existence. As a larger and larger portion of pre-taxed earnings goes, not to 401's or mortgage payments, but to insurance that in more and more cases, pays nothing until after the payers have ponied up $5,000, and offers no choice, no matter how much the Republicans foam at the mouth about "freedom" (remember this has nothing to do with the ACA or President Obama: it's a dynamic that's been in place long before his presidency), the percentage of people's incomes left for discretionary purchases shrinks more and more each year.

Wages are not stagnant, they are decreasing in all the OECD countries, even as fuel prices escalate, food prices rise inexorably, and transportation costs, infrastructure maintenance, to get the fuel and the deluge of imported autos onto our shores in the first place, in order to sell them, make the Car once again the province of the rich.

This changes the role of the auto from an economic boon to a parasitic leech on economic growth. Far from helping the economy grow, dependence on it becomes like health insurance: counted in GDP figures as reflective of growth in the economy, when in fact it is subtractive from it. Having the entire population reduced to slaves of their machines, somehow surprisingly, doesn't increase their wealth, any more than having a chronic infection increases their health; it decrease it: it is a cost of living that drains the vitality out of every other aspect of the economy the way disease drains health from a human being.

But this will not be talked about, although it is THE most important fact we need to realize if we want to even begin to solve our many intractable problems. Although it is only a machine, its hold on the public's mind is so great, its attractiveness so bewitching, that no amount of suffering, environmental degradation, hunger, poverty, or broken bodies will change their attitude.

So while I hail Mr. Macdonald for saying the unspeakable, he is quite wrong. We will watch everything else be destroyed right in front of our eyes, but will never, ever, even conceive of the possibility that the Car can have anything but positive effect on human happiness and prosperity. Like hapless parents the world over, we will spend our entire lives devoted to the care of what is (supposedly) most precious, only to blithely throw them the keys and watch the fruit of all our labor drive away to join in the carnage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retributive Justice and its Disconnects.

In Stendahl's "The Charterhouse of Parma", the Duchessa is warning her Prince about involving another kingdom in solving an internal dispute. She pulls from the shelves a volume of Fontaine's fables and opens it to, "The Gardener and the Lord of the Manor".

In the fable, a hare is proving an intractable pest, so the gardener goes to the lord for help, which he rendered, much to the gardener's distress:

They mounted their steeds for the storming the garden :
Tho' much he begrudged them this wasteful carousal,
At least the conclusion he hop'd some reward in.

They leveled the hedge which surrounded the place,
And in dash'd at once all the pomp of the chase.

But now 'twas his fate to contemplate with pain

The horses' hoofs tearing each bed and each border ;
The work of a twelvemonth was labour in vain —
Here herbs, flow'rs, and frames lie in fatal disorder !

O'er the wreck of his hopes his eyes mournfully pass.
And he views in despair the sad fragments of glass !

" I find," said poor Jacques, " I was strangely mistaken.
" The hare to be sure— these kind sportsmen have caught
" her,
" But they've drank up my wine, ate my fowls and my
" bacon,
" Destroy 'd all my garden, and tousled my daughter !
" Thro' the year should ten hares all my pot-herbs devour,
" They will do me less harm than my friends in an
" hour!"

 This was the same dynamic we were privy to in New York as the police force demonstrated the same cluelessness in gunning down nine innocent people in trying to stop a murderer who was already done, finished, going home now.

The NYPD mowed down so many people the initial reports called it one more mass shooting by another crazed gunman. Well. It was certainly a mass shooting. And it was certainly crazed. But it wasn't by a lone gunman. The crazed part of the mayhem was all done by the police department, as they demonstrated their commitment to protect and serve.

By pouring resources into security forces, armaments, 24-hour surveillance and total disregard for privacy or citizen's rights, the Police State we've created has, like the Lord of the Manor in Fontaine's fable, and the NYPD, trampled underfoot the very thing it was engaged to protect.

But unlike the Gardener, we won't have learned our lesson, because we don't know what's been destroyed, despite the fact that we've just had so clearly demonstrated to us the fact that those nine injured people were never in danger from that gunman. Every one of the gunmen who shot them, however, and who consititute a continued danger to them, are back on the streets ready to protect and serve them again tomorrow. Never fear.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanatron Man: The Dr. Kevorkianesque Presidential Campaign

In my Nov 13, 2008 post:, I quoted Frederick Townsend Martin, a self-styled aristobrat:

"We are not politicians or pubic thinkers; we are the rich; we own America; we got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it if we can by throwing all the tremendous weight of our support, our influence, our money, our political connections, our purchased senators, our hungry congressmen, our public-speaking demagogues into the scale against any legislature, any political platform, any presidential campaign that threatens the integrity of our estate."

We have seen this proven to us over and over again, and accept it. We accept Palin and  Sanctorum as demagogues, Ryan and Richgringo as hungry Congressmen, McCain and McConnell as purchased Senators, and shrug our collective shoulders, resigned to the fact  that that's how the system works.

But to have one of them, in the person of Willard M. Romney, WMR (Weapon of Mass Reductions-in-force), actually run for the presidency on the strength of his flair for destroying jobs while enriching himself from the salaries of those millions therefore thrown out of work, (many forever), requires a whole new level of contempt for the public that even Frederick Townsend would have been hard-pressed to conceive of.

Having made a killing with other people's money via LBO's, the WMR can remind his followers that they're mere pawns in a game that seeks to maximize profits off their backs, while making him and his dynastic family rich beyond the pale. It's as though the CEO of  Anheuser-Busch showed up at an AA meeting to laugh at all the poor slobs who made him rich while they, the weakling, misfits, and losers, lost thier self-respect, their families, and their jobs.

"Vote for me, I helped make you what you are today. You'd have never hit bottom and destroyed your life nearly so thoroughly if not for my constant efforts to thrive on your weakness and passivity."

As the over-caffeinated assembly's cheers rock the room he exhorts them further:

"Your broken families, smashed cars, public puking, and hours of senseless arguing have only enriched me and mine, and for that I'm truly grateful. But we're not done yet! I can take you down to even lower levels of debasement, plunge you into even deeper bouts of melancholy and despair, wrack you with greater levels of pain and remorse than you've dared to dream of, all while assuring that none of those TEA-totalers are ever allowed to vote again.

So put me in office, and I'll put you in re-hab: that's one promise this candidate intends to keep!"

The crowd goes wild, falling over their chairs in a stampede for the chance to shake the hand of the man who can promise them ruin, but, like the anointed royalty he believes himself to be, comport himself with proper decorum to buttress their faith in a vicarious ascendancy over their self-inflicted, Corporate-enabled debauchery.

It's just People helping other people.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bucks Won't Clear.

 "Sometimes... money costs too much."  IRA

(Reuters) - The crew of an Air France plane that was re-routed via Damascus on Wednesday asked passengers how much cash they could stump up after Syrian authorities refused credit card payment to refuel the aircraft, the French airline said on Thursday.

And why shouldn't they? Given the treatment of Iran that's been brought to the forefront by the Standard Chartered's Iranian deals the last few weeks, would you trust that your payment, even should Air France honor their bill, get processed before similar economic sanctions are imposed on Syria's government? With France arming the rebels against the Regime, they're lucky they didn't just shoot them down. Of course, that would be considered an act of War, whereby supplying arms to the "freedom fighters" whose numbers have been reported to include both Taliban and al-Qaeda, is merely pro-democracy.

Which brings to my mind the question of what is Cash? My bank's statement each  month tells me how much I have in checking accounts, my financial statements say how much are in money market mutual funds, and they always refer to it as "cash". But is it? As the passengers on Air France learned, it's not. Cash is only what you have in the form of paper money. As the impetus for changing all transaction into electronic blips subject to the whims of a small cartel, it becomes clear that what is meant by cash, and its relation to money, is quickly changing right under our feet, like the sculptures at Sand World. We have built a beautifully intricate structure of perplexing complexity. But by using impaired collateral as the foundation upon which these sand dollars are dependent, should the winds of change blow ever so slightly, the dunes bury all.

As long as there was some relationship between the productive capacity of the economy and the dollars held by its banking system the value of money, and its interchangeability with cash, was fairly well insured. But that relationship has been systematically eroded.  Changing the gold standard to one of exchange rates based on the reserve currency of the dollar, and structuring the purchase of oil such that it must be purchased with dollars changes the entire dynamic of the interchange of wealth.

Although used for centuries as currency, gold and silver were'nt of the same value not simply because gold had more luster, but also because it wasn't used as much as a commodity, whereas silver, like oil, was/is. And although oil has value only when it's burned, gold's is intrinsic, hence its disdainful moniker as a "barbaric relic". But Jairam Ramesh's coining of the term Chindia demonstrates that more than 2 billion of the world's citizens hold gold as a substance worth owning and amassing for its value, not only for its beauty, but as portable, exchangeable, wealth.

Currently here, in the US, a commercial exhorting citizens to trade in their gold for cash sponsors an enthusiastic customer gushing: "I got $1500 for my junk jewelry". But anything that not only stores value, but increases its value over time, is anything but junk. It, unlike the housing base, the productive capacity of the economy, or the extractable resource of oil, all of whose value has diminished dramatically over time, specifically, since the turn of the century when gold was valued at $275/oz, and has soared to more than $1650/oz, reflects a dramatically changing dynamic that Central Banks the world over have pretended to ignore.

The reason for this ignore-stance is that the CB's wish to retain control of the relative value (ie, exchange rate) of the world's currencies, independent of their real value vis-a-vis each other. This keeps the ascendancy of the OECD nations assured, as the rest of the world has no choice but to exchange their ringgits and bahts for dollars to purchase the engine oil for their economies. This can still be purchased with electronic "cash". But more and more the US and its vassal economies make it clear that this leaves your electronic cash hostage to the whims of the ruling elite who can stop or deter its flow because they feel your Sovereignty doesn't include the right to develop an industry they deem only they should hold the monopoly on.

So cash is trash when it can go in a flash, your teeth will gnash.when under the lash, the stash against a crash is proved to be mash. 

Thus does the use of it as a weapon undermines its use as a currency, as it forces those pushed outside the system to use barter, which, by eliminating the need of banks as middlemen,  reduces the (constantly escalating)  cost and facility of doing business, which, since that is the only function of cash, undermines its value, even though its exchange rate can still remain the same.

A sail on a choppy current's sea: "Assault, sphere brutish, is not in our wars, but in our delves into imperialism."

 Sheik's peer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wizard of Ozterity

                                                                   Hare of the Dogged.

As the laissez-faire economics of the Republicans gets codified with the selection of Ryan, making R&R the official stance of the GOP, it leaves some wondering what the implications are of having a Prez who's stated belief (I almost said "who believes", but who knows what he actually feels about anything?), is for the government to become zombi-fied, where all those on the Federal payroll simply collect their paychecks and do nothing, as that's how government works best: By getting out of the way of the private sector, thereby allowing it to wreak whatever havoc on the economy that'll make them more prosperous while it pushes the pee-ons (trickle-down, baby)  further and further into intractable debt-slavery.

But although they prefer to liken themselves to that ebullient, great communicator, Ronald Reagan, the self-styled economic miracle dubbed by the Maestro as "The Great Moderation", occurred, not during RR's tenure in the White house, but during GW's. That was when the real RailRoading of the economy came into full bloom.

So then, what was moderated? At the beginning of the Bush presidency, by using his own numbers, I calculated that the National Debt (as opposed to the annual budget deficit) would approximately double such that should he serve 2 terms, it would grow to equal the GDP by the time he left office, and I was damn close to being accurate. It grew from under $5trillion to close to $10trillion. However, the really important  dynamic was the rate of growth of those annual deficits vis-a-vis the growth of the GDP, and this legacy, which still remains, had the unstoppable force of a juggernaut.

From 2001 through 2008,  an economy, described by GW himself, as robust and resilient when he took office, stagnated and finally crashed to the ground, very nearly bringing the entire global financial system with it. That was a direct result of  the "small government" policies of the GOP, premised on the concepts of individual accountability, less government (accountability, as the motto of the day became plausible deniability), and the owning of property, as well as, internationally, full spectrum domination. The deficit, as percentage of GDP, consequently mushroomed from around 1.5% to close to 7%: close to a 5-fold blossoming of debt so astounding, that a Central Banker referring to such a period as "Moderation", great or otherwise, was nothing short of breath-taking..

This rate of debt growth was so alarming, that as early as 2003, 450 economists, including ten Nobel Prize laureates, signed the Economists' statement opposing the Bush tax cuts, sent to President Bush stating that "these tax cuts will worsen the long-term budget outlook... will reduce the capacity of the government to finance Social Security and Medicare benefits as well as investments in schools, health, infrastructure, and basic research... [and] generate further inequalities in after-tax income."

Hello!? That was the plan, so where's the problem? This is exactly what Grover Norquisling had already stated was the GOP's agenda, and still is the GOP's agenda. So the R&R R&R are inviting us to vote for is a return to the policies that very nearly destroyed our entire world. Instead of offering any solutions or ideas, the TEA bag component of the party being very decidely against anything so radical as thought, they offer something they already know will work: drinks on the house.

Like a drunk after one of his sprees, with a really frightful hangover that keeps him all day long with hair unkempt, mouth tasting sour, jaw out of joint, their whole ambition is just to get out of bed late, crawl to the mirror and groan at the sight of the wreck they've made of things, then drag through the day so that, unable to make up their minds whether or not to do any work, by the time they do, the day is lost. This throws their disposition so out of kilter it attracts a lot of lazy bums who won't let go of one's elbow, so you get to tippling in spite of yourself, haunting all sorts of dives, and wind up getting pinched. Then end up pawning your new shoes to get back on your feet.

But instead of calling ourselves stupid for drinking like that, for letting ourselves get so blindly intoxicated on our own home-brew, the GOP solution is to go on another binge.  What do you expect? They don't know what they're doing. You can't get mad at them, it wouldn't help a bit. You know how it is when men get drunk They could kill their own father and mother, invade a country or two, and not remember a thing about it. Frat boys gone wild. Who can blame them for a little irrational exuberance?

So while Ryan's plan of physical fitness allows him to boast of a robust buffness, the one for fiscal fitness is simply re-hashed  rhetoric. The return of Nibelung economics with the immortal, dynastic rich ensconced in their Valhalla besotted with their own grandeur while Gotterdammerung's flames, that were dampened with ashes thrown on them during the GOP hiatus, will be allowed to flame up once again burning everything they lick into a cinder. Oh well. If that's the price it costs to have a Free Market, Free Enterprise, cascades of cash as Free Speech, then by all means, let freedumb wring.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spellbound Speaking Truth to Power.

There it was again, a listing of "save the planet" items, that included "Speak truth to Power" . But what does that mean? Exactly who in power does the author think is unfamiliar with how it  works? Those who suggest doing so will somehow solve the world's problems are, methinks, somewhat deluded.

In Hitchcock's "Spellbound", starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck, along with Leo G. Carrol, with some great artwork in the dream sequences by Salvador Dali, Ingrid's character "Speaks truth to power". She reveals that she has discovered the fact that the murderer she's been searching for in order to vindicate her boyfriend/patient, Gregory Peck, on trial for the murder, is none other than her boss, played by Leo G.

She explains to him, steno pad and pencil in hand,  the rather brilliant path she's used to come up with her conclusion, at the end of which she looks up, only to see him pointing a pistol, which he's pulled from his desk drawer, at her head, as he suavely intones, "And exactly what did you suppose I was going to do with this information? Say well done? Bravo! for your exceptional sleuthing ability"?

She explains to him that he is not going to shoot her. Shooting her would only point at him and complicate an already intractable situation, she tells him, as she slowly edges to the door, opens it, and leaves him alone. As the door closes, we're treated to a view of the gun as it changes direction and points at Leo G, and then we hear the sound as the pistol fires and Leo G shoots himself instead of her.

But life is not the movies. Power is not going to turn the gun on itself (except unintentionally, or at least unpredictably, in a maneuver called War, but that's another topic), but is instead going to go after, and silence - usually by destroying - you.

Like Ingrid, we're besotted by our naive belief in justice and democracy, and as it slowly dawns on us how reality really works, we are so mesmerized by our own prowess at pulling back the veil and seeing the men behind the curtain, that we become excited by our virtuosity and wish to "Speak Truth to power", to let it know that we know, as though that'll set everything straight and the chastised rich will bow to the dictates of the law once more.

However, like the title in "Spellbound", there's nuance and subtlety missed by the casual observer. In the movie, Gregory Peck is transfixed whenever he sees tracks, such as those left by skis in snow, and its Ingrid's job to discover why. Because of this, the audience is led to assume that the title refers to his underlying psychosis, which of course, it partially does. But its other meaning is more subtle and delicious.  It suggests that the same self-induced blindness that inhibits Peck from seeing the truth that feeds his psychosis, also keeps Ingrid, who's his psychiatrist, from seeing her vain need to unfold her discovery to the one person who will most appreciate her cleverness. So despite the fact that he's also the one most endangered by it, and has already proven himself quite capable of eliminating inconvenient people, she remains undeterred by the obvious peril revealing her findings will put her in. Instead, as though bound by a spell, she can't stop herself from putting her life in danger for the thrill that exposing him right to his face will give her.

We are just as Spellbound when we believe that speaking truth to power will illuminate anything for them. All it does is prove that we're not cut from the same cloth as the duped hoi polloi on whom their new-speak and mass propaganda works. But our showing this changes nothing. Try as we might, and hard as it is to swallow,  the hoi polloi cares nothing for the truth. To paraphrase from another film, they "can't handle the truth", don't want to know it, as it confers responsibility for the machinations of the economic system and political corruption onto them. They therefore prefer decidedly not to know.

This leaves us, like Ingrid, with no one to go to when we are bursting with the excitement of discovery, who can really appreciate the virtuosity of our minds, the subtlety of our perceptions, or the finesse we've used to bring transparency to a deliberately opaque mystery.

So please, congrats on whatever nugget of truth you've managed to sift out of the constantly flowing stream of  disinformation with which we are continually deluged. But don't inveigle me with such simple-minded rostrums and self-serving maxims that do nothing but re-enforce the fantasy that if we could only show what's wrong with "the System", everybody could just patch it up and all will be hunky dory. It won't be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Photo: Commsumerism: "The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is Dictatorship by Molasses". The No-Peking Review.



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Star Wars and Air Strikes forever: All We Love is War.

All We Love is War.

(War, war, war)
(War, war, war)
(War, war, war)

There's nothing that's your due that can't be won
Nothing you can sting that can't be stung
One thing you can say so you can learn to allay the shame:
It's freeeeeedom!

There's nothing you can fake that can't be played
No one that you crave who's not enslaved
Nothing you can do but you eschew that for you it's crime:
It's freeeeeedom!

All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war, war
War is all we love

(War, war, war)
(War, war, war)
(War, war, war)

All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war, war
War is all we love. 

There's nothing you can sow that isn't sown
Nothing you can seed that isn't cloned
There's nowhere you can flee once you've been tagged an Enemy
It's freeeeeedom!   

All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
All we love is war, war
War is all we love.

All we love is war; bomb your neighbor now
All we love is war, incendiary
All we love is war, war

War is all we love (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
War is all we love (Wa wa wa-wa-wa)
War is all we love
War is all we've loved.