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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanatron Man: The Dr. Kevorkianesque Presidential Campaign

In my Nov 13, 2008 post:, I quoted Frederick Townsend Martin, a self-styled aristobrat:

"We are not politicians or pubic thinkers; we are the rich; we own America; we got it, God knows how, but we intend to keep it if we can by throwing all the tremendous weight of our support, our influence, our money, our political connections, our purchased senators, our hungry congressmen, our public-speaking demagogues into the scale against any legislature, any political platform, any presidential campaign that threatens the integrity of our estate."

We have seen this proven to us over and over again, and accept it. We accept Palin and  Sanctorum as demagogues, Ryan and Richgringo as hungry Congressmen, McCain and McConnell as purchased Senators, and shrug our collective shoulders, resigned to the fact  that that's how the system works.

But to have one of them, in the person of Willard M. Romney, WMR (Weapon of Mass Reductions-in-force), actually run for the presidency on the strength of his flair for destroying jobs while enriching himself from the salaries of those millions therefore thrown out of work, (many forever), requires a whole new level of contempt for the public that even Frederick Townsend would have been hard-pressed to conceive of.

Having made a killing with other people's money via LBO's, the WMR can remind his followers that they're mere pawns in a game that seeks to maximize profits off their backs, while making him and his dynastic family rich beyond the pale. It's as though the CEO of  Anheuser-Busch showed up at an AA meeting to laugh at all the poor slobs who made him rich while they, the weakling, misfits, and losers, lost thier self-respect, their families, and their jobs.

"Vote for me, I helped make you what you are today. You'd have never hit bottom and destroyed your life nearly so thoroughly if not for my constant efforts to thrive on your weakness and passivity."

As the over-caffeinated assembly's cheers rock the room he exhorts them further:

"Your broken families, smashed cars, public puking, and hours of senseless arguing have only enriched me and mine, and for that I'm truly grateful. But we're not done yet! I can take you down to even lower levels of debasement, plunge you into even deeper bouts of melancholy and despair, wrack you with greater levels of pain and remorse than you've dared to dream of, all while assuring that none of those TEA-totalers are ever allowed to vote again.

So put me in office, and I'll put you in re-hab: that's one promise this candidate intends to keep!"

The crowd goes wild, falling over their chairs in a stampede for the chance to shake the hand of the man who can promise them ruin, but, like the anointed royalty he believes himself to be, comport himself with proper decorum to buttress their faith in a vicarious ascendancy over their self-inflicted, Corporate-enabled debauchery.

It's just People helping other people.

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