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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let the Games Begin ...

Now that the erection is over and Karl roves the streets in search of pustulating corpses to sink his rabbit teeth into, and Fox Views digest their own excreta only to spew it onto TV screens nationwide while Pat Robertson (the Neo-Christain who, at the height of the Bush regime's so-called War on Terror, called for the Assassination of Chavez, a most blatant terrorist act for which he was never chastened) spews his tele-venom, and Ron Paul holds forth on the dangers of Democracy when the majority is receiving government checks that should only be the province of politicians and, you know, those other "People", the corporations and their CEO's, the rich and the privileged who feel, yes Mitt, entitled, "can  you breathe?", to the millions flowing daily into their ever-swelling off-shore, tax havens, maybe we can, in the interim before the Inauguration of everyone's favorite favorite sun, discuss how we are going to be able to pull the global, or at least our own, economic train wreck back onto a track that doesn't have a brick wall as its looming terminus.

However, judging from the initial reaction from both the Boehner and the Krug, that's not very likely to happen.  The one says "Fuck you", the other replies, maturely, "Oh Yeah? Fuck you back!", as in this morning's NYT editorial, the Nobel-prize winning conscience of a liberal advises The newly re-elected Chief Executive to steer the economy right over that looming fiscal cliff rather than surrender Dorothy to blackmale (no pun intended, we presume) from his orange-faced opponent.

So, instead of getting a discussion about how we can possibly continue stimulating the economy and the world's weather system toward ever-more calamitous outcomes while caring for our sick and tending to our children's needs, or how to go about creating work that doesn't simply have the manufacture of ever more metal-and-glass boxes-on-wheels that spew ever-increasing volumes of poison into the air we try to asthmatically choke down, we stand poised to continue the charade of finger-pointing and chest-beating that has characterized every moment of this New Millennium's political circus.

It certainly is good that "In God we Trust", because reality is simply not something anyone has a stomach for. And yet, for all that, it could be worse ... we could be facing the New Year with the prospect of a Mitt Romney presidency. And for all my hand-wringing, there's a huge sigh or relief I feel entitled, yes Mitt, entitled, to exhale at the wonderful news that the $6 BILLION (equal to the entire national output of the country of Nicaruagua) that was spent on this circus, didn't have the dire outcome so fervently wished for by pretty much half of the voting public.

So now, let the USA's War on the Dollar continue, as we monitor what new forms it will take in the years ahead.

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