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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, December 10, 2012

The USA's War on Itself.

                          Pentagram: The Devil's in the DODetails

Dave Lindorff, Op-Ed: Posted on "The Nations Of Change"'s website stated that, "You might think that at least someone in the White House War Room (isn't that redundant?), or in the Pentagon, would look back at the history of arming and training terrorists and fanatics and say, “Hey, we provided those kinds of weapons to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan back in the 1970s and 1980s when they were fighting the Soviets there, and we provided money, arms and training to Osama Bin Laden back then too to help him organize an army of volunteer Muslim ‘freedom fighters’ against the Russians, and that didn’t work out so well in the end.”

But most people will deny that the US did such things, despite the fact that they're part of the historical record. Nor will they admit that doing so made the US the main Terrorist organization in the world, a position it retains to this day. Sending drones in to murder, even those one considers enemies of your state, residing within the borders of a Sovereign nation with which you are not at War, is the very definition of Terrorism, one that the White House and the Pentagon use to this day.

As the White House also stated at the time of the Iraq Invasion, as they were destroying the entire infrastructure of the Iraqi State, proudly boasting that they were "bombing it back to the Stone Age" using Predator drones, and Stealth: Both instruments of Terror, it's purpose was to instill Shock and Awe on the populace. Nowhere in any of the US papers was it observed that "Shock And AWE" was simply a euphemism for terrorize.  All done while maintaining to their own citizens and the rest of the world, that we had nothing against the Iraqi people, just their government.

And lest this sound too absurd, which admittedly it is, recall that the US has been conducting an equally ridiculous "War On Drugs" simultaneously, which is of course equally impossible. There is no such thing as the nonsensically-monikered War on Drugs, it is merely another euphemism used to cloak the, what by now should be obvious, War on US Citizens Who use Drugs  ... not the same thing, but a much more accurate description.

But by waging war against its own citizens, the US government, at the heart of which sits the symbol of Evil, one that should be familiar to anyone who's a citizen of a Christian nation, personified by the Pentacle at its core commonly referred to as The Pentagon, has enured its own people against the very Terror it wages against them and against the rest of the globe. Even Iran, which sponsors Hezbollah and Hamas, pales in comparison, as they don't dare be so blatant, needing instead to employ agents to do their terrorizing for them. The US, by contrast, razes entire countries, builds military bases as though their condos, proudly tests more nuclear weapons-of-massive-destruction bombs, deploys armed-to-the-teeth mercenaries, uses rendition to snatch people from the streets of foreign countries and imprisons them, without trial, in countries, like Syria, BTW, so it can torture them at their convenience.

And this long list is only the number of terrorist acts the US employs that are conducted in the full light of day and receive so much press that even I know about them. What the NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, DHS, and a host of other sinister acronymized covert organizations do beyond the purview of the world is only for the imagination of the writers of "24", "Mission Impossible", or James Bond to imagine.

But because we are so stupefied by the War against US, but supposedly, more benignly, against Drugs, that "our" government has been waging for three decades, we can't even see, not only how equally nonsensical the bromide, "War on Terror" is, but how patently absurd it is to brand anyone a terrorist simply for doing exactly the same thing as the all-powerful US military does, not only to its own, but to other citizens, the world over.

No more than there is a War on Drugs is there a War on Terror; there is only War and Terror, and the organization most responsible for both of them and gets the largest funding, and whose enabling Corporations reap the most outlandish, "Free Enterprise, "get Government out of our way", profits from, sits right in the middle of the country that hypocritically pretends its out to put an end to both.

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