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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Scream of Consciousness.

A pain-staking effort.

"I should have had my head examined":  The Big (Hair) Lewinsky.

The SF Chronicle, a pathetic rag posing as a newspaper, ran an article warning of the possibly imminent 'Tipping Point' being reached, when global warming is accelerated to the point of no return (they were silent in 2000 when the signs were all there and perhaps there still existed a possibility of slowing it down: it has instead sped up).

Claiming that, in order to slow down planetary increases in temperature, "It would require a wholesale shift to renewable fuels that the United States appears unlikely to make, given that many Americans do not believe humans are changing the climate."

Really? So, because a minority of Americans, comprised overwhelmingly of  yahoos and uneducated, bible-boggled boobs, don't believe in global warming, the world's most powerful nation must just shrug its shoulders and simply hope for the best. Right?
Ah, must be nice to bask in the warming rays of one's own self-righteousness ... and I should know, I seem to be doing it right now ... but unlike those with the conscience of a liberal and the carbon footprint of an entire African village, I'm not jetting around with the international set, burning more fuel in one trip than one of those yahoos we blame for Yavashington D.C.'s (yavash is the Turkish word for sloooow) intransigence on this issue, will use for his entire family in a year.

You see, I've noticed that the ones wringing their hands the most over the issue care the least, when their actions are taken into account instead of their empty, self-congratulatory words. And that's because that " wholesale shift to renewable fuels" they refer to is a mere chimera, anyway. The scale of enterprise required to produce such a shift would instead, and in fact has somewhat already, increased energy usage. Like throwing down the gauntlet, it's only increased the level of desperation in each country to tie down what they have and either ready it for sale to the highest bidder, or sequester it until the price goes up. Much like the previous President did by going to War in Iraq, locking up those energy resources so the price would skyrocket,thereby paying back his Texas friends who didn't after all, put him in the Whorehouse for their health (except their financial health).

The tipping point is far in our past. It occurred when Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels from the White-house roof. That's when the race to find, lockdown, and exploit the rest of nature's booty began in earnest. This is only the beginning of the end-game, the beginning of the Mad-Max era on an international scale, such that we now have pictures of children on the front page of the New York Times being coached on targeting and firing rifles as if its a game, while children their own age are being shot to pieces by insurgents and government forces alike in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, all our favorite haunts.

So now, because USAryans have never known the hardship of a War, never known, or cared to know, its costs, innocence tyrannized by power is nonchalantly featured as a Sunday lark.

Because the projection of power necessary to exploit energy resources half a world away requires a citizenry wed to the lust for power and the military expenditure necessary to maintain it. Stoke the greed: it's a creed and a screed that has as its seed the constant need to make others bleed until you can taste it, like a swig of rusty water, metallic and offensive. And so does the behemoth grow, feeding on its own excrement while we screech the scar-spangled banter 'til we're red-white and blue in the face.

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