The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cyberspace Oddity: Floundering Stroll to Major Top.

Floundering stroll to major Top 
Floundering stroll to major Top
Shameless market shills 
Like Kramer put you on 

(Ten) Floundering stroll (Nine) to major Top (Eight) 
(Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), 
Ben's soon gone (Four) 
(Three, two) Checks' ignition (One)
And a crash (Blastoff) will soon ensue

It's a floundering stroll
To major Top,
You've made us so afraid 
And the papers cannot print the price per share   
Now it's time to stop the QE 
If you dare 

I put a stop loss on my shares of coal, 
they're sinking through the floor 
Rates are floating 
in a most peculiar way 
Yet the markets look indifferent today 

Now here 
am I sitting with a tin cup
Where I've just been hurled 
Planet Earth's been screwed 
All that's left's Monsanto food 

Though it's passed 
The 15 thousand milestone still,
The Dow is very ill 
And I think funds' global swarming's reversed flow 
With fundamentals so out of touch
They froze 

Floundering stroll to major Top,
short circuits' flashing red,
there's something wrong 
Don't you fear a major Top? 
Don't you fear a major Top? 
Don't you fear a major Top? 
Don't you... 

Here am I sitting
Now a thin man 
While this song I croon
Summers' Eve is near
Such a douche we all should fear.