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The Pentagong Show
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Monday, June 9, 2014

When the Middle Class Decides to Meddle with an Economic Moddle, causing a Muddle, the Maddle Call it "Inequality".

Which side shows more inequality? Where most are =, or where some are more = than others?

As the economic system reverts to its true form, of slave masters lording it over the hordes, the basic shape Capitalism had from its beginnings in the form of the Colonial  British, French and Spanish Conquistadors of New World exploitation's slave colonies, when West Indies' islands sugar plantations provided the sweetener for the petit fours for a bored, European Aritrocity, you can read everywhere in the liberal mainstream, from Robert Reich to Bill Black, then Elizabeth Warren to today's piece by David Kay Johnston, the same bewailing screech of "Inequality", even as, per any analysis of the differentiation of incomes, the undeniable spread of just the opposite, income Equality.

For the last two generations, it has accelerated, but it really started after WW2, when the nations that became and remain the most stable avatars of income equality, Japan and West Germany, were molded by the US armed forces into Socialistic Democracies in order to make their economies vassals of the US economic engine, thereby bestowing on their workers the discretionary income necessary to purchase US manufactures, but denying them the ability to escape tutelage as US puppet regimes. It was US policy to ensure income wasn't all relegated to the top sphere, comprised of Aristocrats, as it is, by its very nature, small. The US instead desired a wide-spread prosperity to sell its manufactures into, and so structured those economies to create a prosperous middle-class.

This is when the dual inextricably entwined events of current right-wing reality-denying of the twin phenomena of Peak Oil and Climate Change started their inexorable growth to the level they've reached today, whereby they're simultaneous genesis from theory into actuality will force their resolution. The fact that they've occurred concurrently is by no means something one could have either foretold nor is it necessarily a game changer, but given the other leg to what is in fact a triangle, it's just possible for a confluence of events to halt the one propelling mankind's mad rush to extinction.

The three legs of that triangle mentioned above being Energy, Environment and Economics, each of which always offers different perspectives of the same picture, as Peak Oil (Energy), Climate Change (Environment) and the KKK of Kamikaze Kapitalism Kultur (Economics) rush headlong toward a world-shattering collision, for which 2008's financial crisis provided a mere glimmering peek into things to come. However, just as the events of 9/11 should have alerted the American populace that there was something horribly wrong with the way that The Washington Consensus was forcing a destructive ideology onto the rest of the world, yet we decided to take exactly the opposite actions than those we should have, reading the opposite of what this event was telling us, and the consequences of those retributive actions then redounding onto ourselves, as evidenced by, among other things, the Snowden leaks, which are only, analogously, a mere glimmer of what's really being done to American citizens by their supposedly Representative government, the lesson we should have learned and the warning we should have listened to in 2008 went unheeded as well, as we once again took the opposite route than the one indicated by the abject failure of the KKK, and instead gave it the green light and trillions of dollars, the entire amount we needed to actually turn towards investments needed to implement the changes our future depends on, to heedlessly plow on, following the malinvestment-on-a-grand-scale route it had already chosen: that of Thelma and Louise economics, whereby we put the pedal to the medal and drive full bore over the precipice and into the abyss.

As I had postulated before the 2008 crash, the only thing that was going to slow the acceleration in demand that would exacerbate and push us ever faster down the wrong side of the Peak Oil slope was a Depression, and that is sure enough what we got. If you prefer the term Great Recession, well, that's fine, but if you can actually tell me what the difference between a depression and a so-called Great Recession is, I'm sure it doesn't follow the previous definitions of what those two phenomenon are. But the implication of calling the financial crisis merely a Great Recession (which was done for the specific purpose of downplaying its shout of "Game-Over" for our current way of doing things) is of course, that, unlike a depression, which is a major restructuring of the economy from which it can eventually enjoy organic and sustainable growth, a recession by its very nature in a Capitalist regime, is cyclical, which means we are merely biding time until the next, more destructive one throws millions of new meat out of their jobs out of their houses out of their lives ...

However, in the meantime, what the reality of Peak Oil means, is that the more we stoke the energy intensive economies of the OECD and its Ancillary economies of the developing world, using car manufacturing as its central job-creating mechanism, since road-building, home construction in far-flung suburbs, and oil and other energy-intensive industries all feed off it, means that, increased production from fracking or no, the reality of Peak Oil will, 2008-like, slap us down yet again, only this time, all of our powder will be shot, all of the Fed's tools of financial chicanery played out, and the reality of what will happen then is that the main event needed to stop the mad rush to annihilation that is Climate Change will be resolved via cataclysm rather than rationality, as the entire world economic system collapses into ruins and the Wars begin in earnest. The Wars that will decimate mankind and bring to a halt the mad burning and release into the atmosphere of every form of sequestered carbon in existence.

It s only such a horror that will quash demand and stop the slide down Peak Oil's ugly backside and the KKK's rule of the econo-sphere, giving way perhaps to circular economies that rely on the wiser utilization of resources and the crushing into dust of the very middle class that is screaming for relief, that same middle class that stood mute while the federal government handed over to private enterprise its most important responsibility and allowed it to create a rust belt of despair. It is only now, when they have come for their jobs, that they all of a sudden care about "income inequality", because it is their incomes that are becoming equal to those they could have cared less about before 2008, as they strove mightily to overburden the working class with debt with ARMs open wide to receive them and deceive them.

But the reality that this laid bare is that the middle-class serves merely as a go-between between the Aristrocity and the huddled masses they conspire to squeeze. No longer is the middle class associated with those values suggested by Weber, of placing a strong emphasis on Savings, Human Capital, and Long-term investment. The middle class is now intent only on Money. Their very existence now having been monetized. Instead of savings they concentrate on consumption; instead of Human Capital, they rely on Humans as Resources, to be used up and thrown on the slag heap like other natural resources; instead of Long-term investments, they strive only for  short-term gains. So in a sense, the middle class is already gone, the War against them having been won by they're having forgotten it was even being waged by acquiescing to the acceptance of Greed as the only component of Capitalism that is necessary or even allowable, thereby relegating the middle class to the ancillary position that the Aristrocity had defined for them and transforming what we call the West into the KKK.

But by allowing this transmogrification of the economic system into the KKK, the middle class has demonstrated that the collapse of the Soviet Union  destroyed not only Communism, but as if to intentionally prove Lenin's words to be true, because without a competing ideology, apparently all Capitalism had to promote itself with was War, more War and finally, everlasting War to maintain the peace, has decided it has indeed been "given enough rope" to also destroy itself in the bargain.

Because, unlike Capitalism in the Classical sense, the KKK is maintained, openly and assiduously, by a cabal, a worldwide web, or Cooperative, of TRANS-nationals intent on their own ascendancy alone. Just as we can all listen to the words, "Your call is important to us", spoken by a machine and actually believe that it's true, even though the words themselves declare, by the fact that they have to be uttered, that it isn't, we can believe that the world still consists of  sovereign Nation States, even though it is an Imperial Enterprise run for Private interests, thereby  transforming the so-called middle class into a Vassal class that serves at their Masters' pleasure while scorning their lessers. And because of this they are relegated more and more to the same plain as those they consider less human than themselves, even as they bewail their condescension by cries of "Inequality", without which there would be no middle class, never realizing that those cries reveal that the only people they see in their worldview, is the fast receding upperclass they wish to join, never the lower class they've already become part of.  One of my favorite graffitis, presciently written on one of the pillars holding up the doomed elevated Freeway in San Francisco, was, "So, you think You're Middle Class ... Management knows better", what management didn't know was that they weren't either.

The headline from Jon Hilsenrath’s Tuesday WSJ article read “Fed Officials Growing Wary of Market Complacency.” This was toned down from the original Dow Jones Newswire headline: “Fed Worried Calm Markets Forecast A Storm to Come.” Meanwhile, as though to emphasize my postulated link between Environment, Energy, and Economics, a Kelvin wave of unprecedented proportions is heading toward South America ready to spew out the accumulated heat (a form of energy) of a decade into an already warmer-than-ever-in-human-history atmosphere, as evidenced by the cessation of the trade winds over an enormous 3000 mile swath of the Pacific Ocean, leaving it in a similar "Calm Before The Storm" condition.

Central Banks have been performing the same service for the KKK as the Pacific has for the excess heat the planet's been accumulating, keeping its nastier ramifications deeply hidden and circulating them out of sight so that when they resurface, as they must, there's nobody at whom to point the finger. But when you try to shirk from accountability for a system's waywardness while so openly elbowing everybody else out of your way to grab with both fists every nickel it produces, when it crashes down on their heads people stop caring about whether the prospect of guillotined heads rolling is just, they just want, all things being equal, revenge.

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