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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Global Lies: Living Through Traub'led Times.

Enduring Freedom

In a story published in Zerhoedge, James Traub, parsing the meaning of the Brexit referendumb, explains that "It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry..."

Not the helplessly disenfranchised, not the hopelessly unemployed, or the jobless parents, or the muddling middling classes, just the "sane", by whom he means those with means, vs. well, why mince words?, the insane, (I mean what else could he mean by mindless?).

Is it because, "When we stop burning oil we start burning corpses?"

And that every one of the elites, even Bernie Sanders, give nary a passing comment on the fact that, regardless of whether we stop or keep burning it, the consequences in terms of human population destruction, are horrific, we simply go the easy route of "build it and they will come", (which Bernie's insistnece on 'infrastructure projects' dovetails so nicely with) because it's already built, but is this a sane path?

Mike Ruppert tells a story in the movie about him, wherein a group of monkeys has been relocated by the US Army to one of the pacific islands on which a hydrogen bomb had been detonated in the fifties.

And he told the story of those monkeys on the radioactive isle. They were taught to wash coconuts to free them of the radioactive particles on their husks. Soon two, then 4 then 20 monkeys were washing coconuts, but after the hundredth one started washing coconuts, all of a sudden everybody, all 10,ooo of them, was washing coconuts. His dream was to find that hundredth monkey.

 My objection to this parable is that there would then be no one left to remember exactly why we're all washing our nuts, and the why is important. What if the fact that we're all washing our coconuts means we're thereby concentrating the radioactivity into our only water supply (it is, after all, a small island) so that now, not only are the husks of coconuts radioactive, but the entire fruit, nurtured on radioactive water it used for its photosynthetic-enbled production, binding the meat of the coconuts with the carbon atoms torn from the atmosphere's CO2 now bonded to a radioactive hydrogen atom ripped from its oxygen buddies, possibly making the very air breathed radioactive.

Soon, the entire 10,000 all die instead of a few dying perhaps years later, from radiation -induced cancer. All because no one knew the reason everyone was doing something that looked to me, as an outside observer, to be, quite frankly, nutty behavior. Had they known the reason, they would have, hopefully sooner rather than later, questioned the sagacity of washing all those radioactive particles into their only water supply. Because, the part of me that's even more depressed than Mike, I guess, looms from the gloom and wonders, "So that's the solution? Isn't the socially-enforced adoption of the same practice by an entire population just Totalitarianism?" (If that's the case, we're doin' just fine).

As Traub says, after all, "The schism we see opening before us is not just about policies, but about reality."

Yes the reality that we have waited so long for someone to listen to us, that there was no other way to get your attention! As the elites deny Climate Change, pretend there's no end to the flow of oil, continuing to sell six thousand pound ICE machines because, as tutored by their leaders, they deny science, which they do every day they use the atmosphere the way the monkeys used their water supply, poisoning it, even though they know they are poisoning it, and then labeling opposition of their right to inflict environmental disaster not only on humanity, but on all sentient lifeforms, as "denying reality". Of course the hoi polloi deny reality!  What else can they do when the elites do it on a globalized scale and have their mouth pieces known as the media, of which the populace have been robbed, to proselytize for them? Because, after 2008, although it had been going on for decades, the polity just began to see the man behind the curtain. They gave them the benefit of the doubt, but now doubt has since been proven a certainty: there is a Ruling Class, and they have nothing in common with those over whom they hold sway. In a Democracy, that's what's called


The elites all knew
As early as '72,
When the US went off the gold

That on American soil
we'd reached peak oil;
And they intended to leave us all

Soon they backed RR
for our Commissar,
He, was, let's say, less than

He and Bush père,
Made the White House their lair
And did many things most

Suppressed the work of Hansen,
Realpoliticked like Charles Manson,
Flooded the world with oil, leaving the Russkies

And ever since that time,
As world temperatures climbed,
Claimed, "Natural variation did more than
Man did."

Because it's not about globalization per se, but about energy and it's horrendous costs, only one of which was 9/11, directly related to the Bush invasion of Iraq, the first invasion that is, and the real reason for which was the same as the second one: energy. The first to keep it flowing from a desert kingdom without whose oil the US economy would crater, the second Bush invasion, to make sure Iraq's oil stayed in the ground, escalating its price until fracking was profitable and we could make believe the United States of Saudi Arabia was so flush with reserves that it could begin to export it again, after more than a 40 year embargo (all during which it was the loudest advocate of "free trade", even as it restricted its own companies from trading the most valuable and irreplaceable commodity in the world).

But it was the elites, the Bush-labelled "have-mores" (although they have no mores consistent with noblesse oblige anymore, so what mores he is referring to, other than the rape and pillage his administration enabled, I don't know), who put both Bushes in office, again and again and this year offered up to the American electorate yet another Bush. Yet Traub can insist that, "It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them." What, by pouring money into a 3'rd Bush presidency? Who exactly is deluded here?

 It is leadership that has failed on such a colossal scale because it cannot undelude itself. While they sit in their Davos or Bilderberg or Copout-21 grand theaters for the public, the delusions they entertain about the future come from the very quality he derides the have-nothings of: ignorance.

Because stating that  "it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history" even while demonstrating his uter lack of all of the above, he insists that, "the party of accepting reality must be prepared to take on the party of denying reality", thereby showing the true blindness of his position. The French aristocracy and the French peasantry, just like the masses of disenfranchised citizens vs. elites today, each had a separate, albeit intricately-linked, reality; and to think that one of those realities is the "correct one", which is to say that the position of the privileged should be accepted as one they deserve, whereas our position of penury is the one that WE deserve, is to say that our reality really doesn't matter. Only the reality of the Ruling class even matters.

To believe otherwise just proves us deluded. Wassa matter You!?

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