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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lexus Nexus and Brexodus.

 Realpolitik: It's just another name for Conspiracy against the people.

Although 21'st century man seems to prefer to think of this life as a chunk of time unrelated to anything that happened during the previous millennia, the fact is that, to resurrect an old theory promulgated during the Vietnam War era, there is such a thing as a domino effect. What they left out of their description of such a scenario, however, is that dominoes, like everything else these days, come wrapped in plastic. The only time they fall in any kind of a sequence is when they have all been carefully set  up so as to allow no other possibility by someone or some group of someones who have a desire to see them fall in a pre-designed order: a group that relies on what Kissinger called Realpolitik to make it appear that the outcome was independent of them; it simply happened as a matter of inevitability.

I was reminded of this by a screaming headline that announced Jeremy Corbyn was going after Tony Blair with the intention of labeling him as a War Criminal. That reminded me of the nexus between the Bush Family's criminal activities and the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not the current war in Afghanistan, but the one that Russia was enticed into intervening in, per Brzezinski, by the US becoming involved in it first with the CIA's provisioning of "secret" aid to the Mujahadeen.

Whereas it has now become fashionable to open ones eyes and rail against the Corporate rule of the US, and thereby, the globe, in those days any such suggestion, despite the above-referenced and well-known involvement at the highest levels of government in secret intrigues labelled 'Realpolitik', (which in any other world would be simply referred to by their proper name of conspiracy), would be scoffed at as just what they were, conspiracy theories. But as Mr. Brzezinski so kindly admits, such conspiracies, plans of actions deliberately kept outside the purview of the public, are routinely entered into at the nexus of government/industry and the DOD, along with its alphabet soup of secret agencies, all busily setting up dominoes so that events in the world will fall out in a certain order which they have pre-conceived.

Why the nexus is your Lexus is that what is at the heart of these domino set-up scenarios is what is at the heart of all modern industries, modern societies and modern war: that great unmentionable underlying the entire Western infrastructure of global domination: Oil. The getting it, the distribution of it, and finally the suicidal burning of it to the very last drop.

Now the Reagan administration employed three notoriously greedy bastards: the future CEO of Halliburton, Dick Cheney, as well as GHW Bush, the man who would appoint this Dick as his Secretary of Defense, and whose son would appoint the Dick's best friend, the third member of this nexus of evil, in his turn as his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. The plans they conceived of for the future of the country, and the dominoes that they set up to fall for the eventual aggrandizement of their own personal fortunes, all dovetailed around that same commodity of which there was nary a dot of concern about its burning or looting of from the rest of the world: yes, that would be oil.

Having jettisoned the Carter idea of conservation of resources and learning how to live with less, the Reagan administration and the unholy Triumvirate it housed set out on a path of unparalleled militancy, on which they were determined to destroy the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republiks in the name of "fighting Communism", even as they built up their trade with the largest single Communist country in the World: Communist China, suggesting it was mere subterfuge, one which no one cared to see through, because the US polity wanted to believe that they could drive and drive and drive, even if it meant a Thelma and Louise finale, because life without cars and modern transport, i.e. That Inviolable American Way of Life, is simply not worth living ... something we still believe.

But this requires something the US had stopped being able to provide for itself a decade before: that nasty word again: oil.

This is where the nexus with the Brexus starts to wheedle its way into our foreign policy, industrial activity and war plans as Ronald Reagan's love affair with Margaret Thatcher blossomed: the US and Great Britain would use the resources of their national treasuries to provide the tax relief and research facilities to provide the oil companies with plenty of incentive to develop far-flung and risky deposits of hydrocarbons in the Alaskan wilderness and the cold North Sea so as to flood the world with oil, crash its price, and destroy the only source of Russian foreign exchange: oil revenues. Thereby manipulating the economies of the world, along with its most precious commodity, all the while advocating a return to "Free" market economics; Central planing more secretive and diabolical than any of the Central Planning done by the Soviet 'enemy', whose oil was more the target than any communist threat, because they knew, thanks to the work of Andrei Almarik, that the Soviet Union, despite the CIA's protestations to the contrary, was on its rickety last legs. They used to joke about the SDI acronym, laughingly suggesting that what it really stood for was, "Soviets' Destruction's Inevitable".

But the arrangement of the dominoes is never quite accurate, and sometimes, the party that arranged them and then invites someone else to participate, doesn't really care how the dominoes fall for them, and such was the case with the US and Great Britain, as the drop in oil prices, on oil that was being harvested under the onus of huge amounts of debt, like fracking today and North Sea oil then, has to keep pumping to service that debt, at an ever-increasing amounts in order to make up in volume what's lost in per unit price, crashing the price even more until it hits rock-bottom, bargain-basement levels, toppling the Soviet economy, but cratering GB's as well. But not to worry, we'll make it up to you by escalating that price right back to where it was before by crippling one of its major suppliers: Iraq.

But a major flaw happened in the plan as the election of Bill Clinton ousted the entire triumvirate from the White House in 1992, setting off the most intense furor over losing the presidency in modern history, because now all the well-laid plans and unfulfilled opportunities of the Oil men looked to be falling apart. But they soon conceived of a plan to Tripp up the President and bring about his impeachment, resulting in a shoe-in, via a little help from the stacked Supreme Court, of the Bush that would hedge his bets by bringing in all of Daddy's henchmen to finish where they had left off, bringing Full-Spectrum Domination to the heart of Washington's hegemonic Sole Superpower strategy as outlined in the PNAC, a document with the signatures of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld on it, that would serve as a suitable camouflage, just as anti-communism had served as his father's before him.

But the economy was flailing, the price of oil, so precipitately dropped, was not so easy to manipulate back up again, especially with a Democrat in office, so that need to be rectified. It's price sat, upon Bushes ascension to the throne, at around $10.00/bbl: this could not continue, and the dominoes were reassessed, and re-positioned, and Iraq was slated, once again. to be taken out. Under any pretext.

And this is where the Blair witch projects his image onto US foreign policy and enters into the alliance with the Americans, having been promised a seat at the table, in the form of BP, when the sand had settled, and guaranteed a hefty increase in the price per bbl of that precious resource from the North Sea that was still selling for less than its production costs. So as the rest of the World, specifically the rest of Europe, were protesting the illegal cakewalk across the hot sands of Dune, Tony Blair,  as the Bush's lapdog, yipped his enthusiastic support and joined the coalition of the drilling and backed the destruction of Iraq as a modern State, electing to "Bomb it back into the Stone-age", a war cry that gets little play these days, but then it was triumphantly bellowed in order to win support for a war to destroy those dangerous enemies of the people, the Iraqis.

In this regard, the Bush junta had knowledge of three facts they kept from the public:

1) There were, or course, no WMD's,

2) The discovery of that fact would matter not a whit,

3) The war, far from enabling increased output from Iraqi oilfields in such torrents that we could, as Cheney cynically described, use the hydrocarbon output of the Iraqi nation to pay for its own destruction, would contrarily, allow  Iran, (its mortal enemy whose government Bush's grandfather helped destroy via his CIA intrigues with Allen Dulles in the fifties, bringing down the duly elected presidency of Mossadegh and replacing it with the malleable autocratic Shah, eventuating in not only the Iranian Revolution, but the Iran/Iraq War),  to wreak havoc with the recumbent Iraq and destroy its ability to keep its oilfields pumping.  And such was the mission of Paul Bremer when he was dispatched to  Iraq to disband the entire Army (apply Marco Rubio's "tell" here: Everyone says GW didn't know what he was doing ... but George Bush knew Exactly what he was doing).

The Blair witch was quite aware of this too, and was counting on it to fill Labor's coffers with tax revenue from the rising price of hydrocarbons providing the added pounds he needed on his waste lines of increased privatization of the public's resources, pouring money into the coffers of the MNC's that had enabled his ascension to power.

It is for this reason that Corbyn is decrying him as a War criminal and it is for this reason that the Brexit is intricately connected with Mr. Blair. Because the chaos in the Middle East, although it didn't start in Iraq, was inflamed there by the first Iraq War, and then bellowed to its current red-hot state, wherein it has now embroiled the entire region, by the second one, all of which Tony Blair saw as a plus for the oligarchs of England, regardless of the deadly consequences for its people. And therein lies the irony of the Brexodus from the EU, inflamed by the specter of thousands of Muslim immigrants waiting in Calais to flood, via a mass Brenter, from the countries of the Middle East: that the very country, the ONLY country in Europe, to sign on for the wanton rampage of American militancy, is the one that, once the consequences of its playing with the big boys threatens to come home to roost, is the first to start whimpering and threatening to pick up its dominoes and go home because, yet again, they're not falling where they were supposed to.


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