The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Japan's Health Minister: Burn it up! to cool it down.

We all burned our feet
By Dancin' in the street!

As the Portugal island of Madeira goes up in flames, along with much of Siberia, and various localities around the globe gurgle under the flood waters raging through their once-busy streets, the reaction of the modern states of the OECD is pretty much uniform: Burn more fossil fuel to fix the damage ravaging our lives from burning too much fossil fuel. Replace all those destroyed vehicles with brand new insurance-paid ICE (InternalCombustionEngine) machines. Who wants electric vehicles when they cost twice as much and are made non-functional by water all the easier? Rebuild, then build yet more housing in the expanding flood plains of rivers and near the coastline that will be inundated sooner than even the climate scientists claim (lest you panic).

 The US alone provided 17 million more ICE machines on a SAAR basis so far this year, and is eagerly willing to provide any number the world demands, drooling over the profit potential. Every industry on earth has now, in the Home of the Brave New World of Lawless Capitalism, where society (we of the lowercase caste) doesn't exist, and Society (of the uppercase Crust), being of Divine genesis, kowtows to NO law, has adopted the Merchants' of Death mantra of, "Yes we know it's wrong, but, but, we have to do it or some other they will".

Controlled Combustion, that process we use to produce our man-made energy needs is out of control. Meanwhile, too hot for you in Japan? No problem, says the health minister ... just run your air conditioner, the biggest power-hog in your house, all night. Like they do in Phoenix, and Palm Springs, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Burn it Up To cool it down!

Key in Lionel Richie:

"All Night Long"

Well, my friends, our climate's done
The rays are proof there's too much sun
Throw away the work to be done
Let the AC, stay on
(stay on, stay on)

Everybody singe, everybody pants
Lose your life in one last dance
We're going to party

Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and singe along!
We're going to party
Subaru, Fiesta, forever
Come on and singe along!
We're going to party
Subaru, Fiesta, Sierra
Come on and singe along!

All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)

People panting all in the street
See them falling dead at your feet
Life is good why not Tweet
Let the AC stay on
(stay on, stay on)
Feel it in your hearth
While feeding it your coal
Let coolness take control
We're going to party
Liming, fiesta, forever
Come on and bring your bong!

All night long! (all night)
Bring your bong! (all night)
All night long! (all night)
Bring your bong! (all night)

Yeah, once heatstroke's started
Temps don't go down
Come join the fun
It's a deadly go round
Everyone's cranking
Their AC's on high
Come join the Party
We're all gonna die!
Oh, yes
Join the Ruling Party!

All night long! (all night)
Don't take long! (all night)
Don't take long! (all night)
All night long!

Everyone you meet
They're dropping in the street
All night long!
Yeah, I said, everywhere's there's heat
They're dropping in the street
Don't take long!
Yeah, I said, everyone you Tweet
They're dropping in the street
Like King Kong!
Feel good! feel good!

Guinness, the bottler of perhaps the most famous brew in the world, which their website claims is, "Made of More" (of more what it doesn't care to advertise), decided, around five years ago, to market their enormously successful nitrogen-gassed stout, since it worked so well in the beloved can, in a bottle, but what you're going to get, far from being "made of more", is decidedly less: specifically, .8 oz.'s x's 6 less in every sixpack, which, at now only 11.2oz's per bottle, amounts to almost half a bottle (4.8 oz's to be exact) less than what was, before every other European bottler followed suit, the norm of 12 ounces per bottle. But that wasn't enough. As if to slap their customers in the face, they took the savings from actual product, and used it to wrap each and every bottle in a completely worthless, non-bio-degradable, sheath of plastic, thereby becoming the poster boy of breweries for environmental degradation, giving the big finger and a poke in the eye to anyone who thinks major corporations need give a damn about our paltry concerns of having to pay for such wanton irresponsibility if we happen to like their product.

And I do like their product, but only buy it in bars now, as that comes from kegs ... re-usable kegs. Because THEY have to pay for them, not you.

This is the new paradigm shift, where the product you purchase costs Corporations, and therefore You, less than the packaging and shipping that brings it, oh so conveniently, to your door, all the costs hidden, and that's why you're poor ...

Illustrating for us that every reaction to human-induced Climate Change is to burn more fossil fuel to ameliorate the very condition brought about by burning fossil fuels. And that paradigm starts with getting the fossil fuels in the first place, as evidenced the most by the Fracking States of America, where the current price of oil is simply not enough to cover the burdensome cost of extracting it in the first place, which costs are so onerous to start with because of depletion (a phenomenon judged irrelevant by economists, but which has proven to have very real consequences), requiring us to burn the cheaply-derived fossil fuels to get out the far more expensive (in terms of energy, CO2 production, and money)  and therefore, more profitable (until they're not), syn-oil.

So why is Guinness included in this? Because of their, in any sane world, criminal use of the fossil-fuel-derived plastic in a totally irresponsible, you clean up our mess, unnecessary, use of unknown tons of plastic to disguise their reduction in volume of the actual product its customer want, while simultaneously claiming, "Made of More". To paraphrase a previous Clinton's previous campaign slogan, "Eat our Externalities, stupid customers!"

This has to put them right in the driver's seat of climate change along with such back-stabbing, conniving luminaries as VW.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Age of afRadiance: Using Nuclear Terror to wage the US War on Terror.

This is the Donning of the Age of Afraidiance.

GW Bush called it "Shock and Awe" when he let loose the full armada of US shock troops onto the comatose state of Iraq as part of his GWOT (Global War on Terror) campaign justifying it by what his Neo-Con cheerleaders called Full Spectrum Domination, a term so vile even Dr Strangelove shrank from using it. Not a single  person to whom I pointed out that "Shock and Awe" is synonymous with terror, had thought of that before. Likewise, no one today, when our politicians start screaming about the presence of Islamist terrorists and Russian aggression, seems to notice that what their hero Ronald Reagan's SDI was really about was building a Wall behind which to cower, even while he did his Hollywood best to have "Mr. Gorbachev, take down (t)his wall", while nobody in the press seemed to care the US was simultaneously constructing a nuclear wall from behind which they planned to dictate to the rest of the world how it should behave, or, to put it more simply: using Nuclear Terror on the rest of the world the way that Condoleeza Rice would use it on the citizens of her own country when Reagan's VP's son, cheered on by his Zionist band of cheer-leading Neo-cons, decided it was time to murder Saddam.

But we learned nothing from Condoleeza's turning our own weapon against us. Rather than realize that we had been held hostage to nukes in the same way that the rest of the world has been for more than three generations, we simply succumbed to the fear of another boogie man, and blithely sent our troops off to sow the Whirlwind and turn the scorching sands of Iraq, yet again, into a blinding, stinging, deadly Desert Storm.

From Craig Nelson's, The Age of Radiance:

"Where the enemy is not the soldier with his Kalashnikov nor even the bombers prowling the skies but the deadly power of abused technology, and the delicate balance of terror will no longer be maintained and instead go madly out of control" (Wohlstetter's 1959 Foreign Affairs article).

 "No responsible political leader would expose his nation to such a catastrophe" (yet that's what Ted Cruz missile does every time he so glibly extends an offer to his cheering constituency to toast some Middle Eastern country (which one doesn't really matter, who can keep them all straight?, aren't they all the same?)), while, of Course, The Don never has been nor now claims to be a responsible political leader, he even prides himself on NOT being one.

 The ratcheting levels of American terror in the face of the Soviets' presumably malevolent intentions can readily be seen in Eisenhower's 1958 State of the Union Address, as Ike was one of the more popular fear-mongering of Cold War leaders.(P256).

Whether Democrat or Republican, the main force brought into play in our national politics in this land of the brave has been Fear. The entire government, cheered on and abetted by such "news" outlets as Fox, has transitioned into one enormous Ministry of Fear.

To whit: from the 'Atlantic Council's' paper, 'Arming for Deterrence: How Poland and NATO Should Counter a Resurgent Russia’. Page 12, paragraph 7: “Poland should announce that it reserves the right to deploy offensive cyber operations (and not necessarily in response just to cyber attacks). The authorities could also suggest potential targets, which could include the Moscow metro, the St. Petersburg power network, and Russian state-run media outlets such as RT.”

Never mind that the Geneva Conventions state that: “The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence, the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population, are prohibited.”

 Lol ... can you say, "Shock and Awe?" of which GW bragged, and BTW, was used specifically against the civilian population, following in Daddy's footsteps, who, everyone seems to have forotten, served as Director of the CIA and Reagan's rabid anti-communist detente-skewering administration, not to 'contain communism" as it claimed, but to destroy the Soviet Union. The latter had barely dissolved before Bush père, now free from worry of a Soviet response, was in full attack mode to show off, "This superb military he was always bragging about."

No one ever mentions, of course, Bush's stint as head of the CIA, even as they constantly harp on Putin's KGB background. Just as, as pointed out in  The Age of Radiance, no one deems it worthy of consideration that the US government had continued its atomic bomb project even after the Nazis were already defeated, despite the fact that the justification for the development of such a monstrously destructive weapon was NOT because of the Japanese on whom we dropped it, but because, if WE didn't develop it, the Fuehrer would (so once he was dead and buried, why keep on shoveling piles of cash into its development and deployment?). Never mind that we did develop it whereas he didn't. We spent so many billions on its production it was impossible not to use it to cow the entire globe into subservience to a future Shock and Awe world. As a means of maintaining peace, of course. Hence, an ICBM could be called the "Peacekeeper". But Reagan swore he wanted to rid the globe of Nuclear weapons, so how does one reconcile those two facts? If you rid the world of "Peacekeepers", doesn't that mean War?

I read a description of Britain's Labor Party in the Guardian the other day:

Once upon- a-time it used to speak out for peace and social justice but now is the main voice for the Blairites and the war party and is second-to-none in its baying for war against Russia.

One need merely substitute Clintonites and you have the American relationship with the MSM, as she obligingly demonstrated by her use of the half-crazed Marine General Allen  (Dulles?) at the DNC. It used to be called fear-mongering, now it's just Campaign Promises.

But turning America into a United State of Fear so as to ready it to hurl its armed forces against Russia, China, or  MENA is such an obvious act of desperation, that one would think, if the two Parties were actually competitive, one of them would call the other out on it. The fact that instead they jockey to outmaneuver each other to see who can bray the loudest about how our offensive Defensive Department is prepared to launch an all-out War on all of humanity, should demonstrate both Parties' utter depravity and our own descension into little more than a frightened mob, ready to barter our much-vaunted liberties and resilient economy for the dubious privilege of waging a full-fledged War of Terror against a motley band of rabid religionists. But this constantly aggressive posturing, far from showing the world our Might and Power, proves that all we know how to do anymore is buck and cower.