The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The blEnd of History

If President Obama's a Kenyan, why didn't change his name to hide the fact?
 Drumph's a German, and he DID change his name to hide it.

But he signals the Right people as to what his true nature is:

By sporting a melange of hairspray and spit
sculpted into the shape of a WW2 German Helmet.

Though he really seems to like playing golf, 
He loves us it more when we call him, "Adolf".
Highlighting a psychotic need to be
The world's number 1 Celebrity.

His name means more Ad Revenues
For the media circus we still call "News",
As venom, bile and nasty prompts 
Oozes from his Washington swamp
Like Ointment

To fill his cabinet, he eschewed the best,
Choosing generals with loaded chests.
Preferring metal formed into a shield
To earning mettle in the Field
Of Appointment.

Like a boll Weevil
 with a snakelike Hiss
 His venom waters that root of Evil, 

That damned ill-natured baneful vice
Ties slaves to austerity,
While Luxury deploys 
a million Poor,
Pride employed a million  more.

 Envy itself, and Vanity
 are now ministers of every industry
their darlings, Folly and Fickleness
in diet furnishings and dress
that strange ridiculous vice was made
 the wheel that churned and turned the trade.

And, what was just fine for a time,
 In half a year became a crime;
As he struck down all Obama's laws,
For arbitrary ones all full of flaws.
 And fear of firing was the cause.

How vain is mortal Happiness
But how to learn the bounds of 
Or that perfection on the ground 
is not only crazy, but (more profound), 
Would bring just misery,
were it ever found.

Yet every one who lacks success, 
with angry shouts demands redress
Cursing politicians, Armies, Navy Fleets,
Yet letting Banks be run by Cheats.

Sweeping in a princley Store 
from conning Middle Class and Poor,
For nothing less can thrive,
Than Lawyers in an honest Hive.

Imprison some, set others free,
Justice is a rarity,
Her presence since no more requires, 
With all her train and Pomp's retired.

The Clergy serve themselves, you see
Work not for souls, but their own prosperity.
Whether Jim and Tammy 
or the swaggering Saggart, 
they more resemble
 the Con Man and Braggart.

How long it'll take is anyone's guess
'Til he makes the Secret Service his own SS,
His will to power has one intent,
Destroy work done by a better President, 
None beat him for walking/standing gall
As he wields his vengeful wrecking ball.

All while claiming it's Democracy
while ignoring all but his constituency,
But those outside the Party called "Tea",
Make up the vast Majority.
They kneel during anthem uninspired,
Yet would gladly stand to shout
"You're Fired!"