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Monday, March 19, 2018

Hawking in your Face: Lies of an Ex-Terminator.

Every Ex-Terminator should have a warning label.
Robert Fanny never met a Greenwash he didn't like. Hiding behind the name of Scribbler, Fanny came to my attention with his description years back of Dr. Jennifer Francis' theory of how the changing Jet Stream and its meanderings were impacting the hydrological cycle and thereby, the weather, and how it would not only give rise to more intense hurricanes, but how it would increase drought and torrential rainfall at the same time, phenomena one would ordinarily think are in direct contradiction to one another. In other words, she had the prescience to devise and the audacity to publicize, her theories and Scribbler was astute enough to use them to do what no one else was doing at the time: get alarmist, fer chrissakes, 'cause what's happening is fuckin' alarming! While the scientists were tripping over each other to dial back the need for immediate action because of some e-mails causing a furor that was cynically dubbed Climategate.

Years later the author of a site called Seemorerocks, Robin Westenra from New Zealand, was bashing Scribbler online because he didn't subscribe to Guy McPherson's insistence that NTE, otherwise known as Near Term Extinction, was, as the name implies, upon us. He excoriated him for daring to have an opinion about the future, as though NTE were a surety, and Scribbler either delusional or a liar for not seeing as clear a picture in his own crystal balls.

So it's interesting to see that in one of his latest post, the Greenwash King, avid devotee of Elon Muck and his magical misery tour-de-force, The Tesla, the manufacture of which will push the globe into a much nearer NTE than even regular automobile manufacture, as its deployment of the high capacity transmission lines necessary to deliver electricity to charge the millions and millions of batteries envisioned, we have already seen the future of: uncontrollable California wildfires, sparked by a climate-change-denying Republican President such that utilities such as PG&E, need make no provision, nor plan for a power outage of those lines, as denying greater iincidence of forest fires is  consistent with denial of Climate Change itself . Instead, as we saw last fall in both Northern and Southern California, as fires sprung up simultaneously over a large swath of geography, caused by one transmission line's transformer blowing up, producing sparks that ignited fires in the bone dry California hinterlands, that put extra strain on the remaining transmission lines, that resulted in concatenating failures that caused transformers to blow up in one location after the other, following much the same dynamic as the failure that caused the blackout in New York City in 2003. 

But now, Scribbler's latest Greenwash article extolling the lawsuit that the Ex-Terminator governor of California, Arnold the Pig, Shwarzenegger, has brought against the "oil giants",

claiming, "The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels",  a form of fuel that is not confined to the oil giants by any stretch of the imagination, yet for some reason he excludes the Coal and Natgas Corporations from, one can only imagine, so that he can then sue them in the future?

First of all, they are not mere "companies", they are "Corporations", a world of difference.

Secondly, the entire world knew after 1989, following Hansen's adddress to the UN, that the burning of fossil fuel was causing the global temperature to rise, but preferred to take the ostrich approach and continue along its reckless path of increasing that rate o f combustion by a steady 1.5%/annum.

But most importantly, Arnold the Pig's ascendancy to the Governorship of the 2'nd largest producer of fossil fuel in the form of oil was brought about by the then President's most ardent supporter, Kenneth Lay, while running  ENron into the ground, by systematically and deliberately targeting California electricity  production's manipulation, with the help of FERC, which Cheney explicitly kept from reining in the collusion taking place, in order to gouge its users, mount a recall campaign to disgorge its then Democratic Governor, Grey Davis, and install in the Governor's mansion a GOP candidate who would be completely dependent on Washington, kowtowing to their every demand, because without them he would have had not a sliver of a chance in the gubernatorial race.

That candidate, you will not be surprised to hear, was none other than Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (Republicans never being happier than when a candidate actually has the word War right in his name). The same man who a mere three years after Hansen's UN speech was the first civilian to purchase a gas-guzzling military vehicle, the Humvee, for his own personal use. A vehicle of which he was so enamored that he lobbied its manufacturer to produce a street-legal, civilian version, which they did in 1992, with the consequence that they are still lumbering along the nation's highways today; 1992 was the same year the nations of the world designed the Climate Change Hoax of the century otherwise known as the Kyoto Protocols, a template for pretending to do something by staging a Grand Event and then proceeding on with business as usual.

Scribbler goes on to quote SchWARzenegger, as he admits,

“If you walk into a room and you know you’re going to kill someone, it’s first degree murder; I think it’s the same thing with the oil companies.”

Do you? I think it's the same with Governors who issue permits to sell their carbon pollution as though their stock certificates, as the Bush-era carbon-trading boondoggle, which used Arnold the Pig as its biggest salesman, signing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, when California was the second largest producer of Oil in the United States. No matter what restrictions you place on your own State's carbon emissions, it doesn't help at all when you merely export all the oil you produce and import the electricity you use from neighboring states that you know full have have none of those carbon caps. Like the Kyoto Protocols, it was what our current version of Arnold, the orange one, calls "Showboating", implementing so-called "solutions" while filling State's coffers, and thereby ensuring your own re-election, with proceeds from exploiting the very problem the solution was purportedly meant to address. As he himself stated, Arnold the Pig was 

“knowingly killing people all over the world” by playing a part in triggering and exacerbating global warming.

... decades after everyone and their mother knew that California's oil production, no less than any oil Company's oil production, was killing people all over the world

The only way that a 2015 agreement can achieve a 2-degree goal is to shut down the whole global economy.’”

as Robert Scribbler points out:

“…we’ve already released enough greenhouse gasses to at least return Earth to climates not seen in 3.6 million years. In this respect, the Baffin Island study adds to research conducted at Lake El’gygytgyn showing that levels of CO2 comparable to those seen today resulted in Arctic temperatures 8 degrees Celsius hotter during the deep past…
But if there's a solution, that solution would entail producing less humans, and then encouraging those humans to consume less resources, but that's spat upon , by none more than Scribblers popery-inspired anti-abortionist, anti-birth control, pro-automobile rhetoric and propaganda. Because that is all this piece on Arnold the Pig is, propaganda. As Ahnold has been hired by a solar company to push their product, and this is the means by which he is garnishing the requisite publicity, piggybacking onto equally ridiculous New York lawsuit making the same crybaby complaint: that we as ignorant, dependent citizens knew nothing about the dangers facing us, as if we all bought into Hawking's specious assertion that  "Science wins because it works". Oh. You mean like colonization?

 It wins because it is the handmaiden of Power; it works because it empowers the minority's ability to crush the majority. It works because it keeps its real costs hidden behind a cloak of invisibility while it raises its nuclear umbrella of invincibility against all of mankind. Selling its secrets to the highest bidder, which are always States, and science is always a whore, with Military Power its most profligate John.

 "Science wins because it works" ... to poison the atmosphere so completely that it has changed, and continues to change, the climate, it wins by threatening to wipe out life as we know it from this planet, as it wiped out/enslaved two entire continents' indigenous peoples. It wins by blackmailing the Nations of the world by threats of total economic collapse, which it has ensured will come to pass by enabling the overproduction of human beings in order to goose their destruction in the most profitable way possible: War and the militarization of every country in the world by the latest wonders of Science, for there is no greater attraction for investment dollars than pure profit, the source of which is not the moral obligation of the investors who so greedily siphon their dividends into their offshore taxhavens.  If those investments were the cause of Wars in theaters all over the globe, or the enabling of Government and Corporations to spy on everyone, the cosseting of entire economies in unsustainable infrastructure that requires an escalating combustion of ALL fossil fuels, although none so much as Natural Gas, the one being burnt by the newest generation of power plants, condemning us to at least another twenty years of increasingly robust concentrations of atmospheric methane as it spews out in ever-greater quantities from Porter Ranch, Four Corners, The Bakken, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, all from fracking sites leaking enormous amount unburned into the troposphere. But none of that is any of their concern. And that's only a few of the man-made sources, it is leaking in measurably disturbing quantities from the Gulf of Mexico, off the Siberian Coast, off the coast of Washington, bubbling up all along the Atlantic Coast, screaming out of the Arctic Ocean, cratering the Russian tundra, spewing from the Alaskan peat bogs, but Everything has been monetized so money is all that matters. Why Does Ahnold not call the Bankers Murderers? Why is the Stock Market that boldly brags that nothing could happen without it, not being raked across the coals for being an accessory after the facts?  Because it is all Nonsense, a jeremiad to generate publicity, and Scribbler fell for it with all the naivety of a 12-year-old.

Religion (in argument against which Hawkings made the statement quoted) may be wrapped in ignorance, but it at least doesn't threaten to burn the planet to a cinder, and it holds people responsible for their actions, as well as for their inactions. Science is, however, amoral and like the Gun lobby, refuses to acknowledge that the uses its findings are put to are any of its responsibility, such that Hawkings can make such a statement with what we can only assume is a straight face.

 Besides which, the manner in which it's talked about by its current, Science-can-do-no-wrong advocates, such as Neil must've smoked too much of deGrassse Tyson, Science is become more and more like religion in that it keeps many secrets hidden behind the curtain for fear its draconian measures (like enslaving most of Chad to mine cobalt for those EV (Electirc Vehicle) batteries) would not be sanctioned despite the benefits it brings, if they were known (Facebook being only the latest example. Would people have so naively rushed to put all their most personal data onto a forum anyone anywhere in the world could stalk them from if they hadn't been blind-sided by its friendly facade even as their entire life was put up for sale to the highest bidder, their entries fodder for the NSA to use against them?).

So when the former governor goes so far as to say that ignoring the impacts of extracting and profiting from fossil fuels, both deeds of which he is demonstrably guilty, is comparable to first degree murder,  Robert Scribbler should be calling for Ahnold's arrest and prosecution for Crimes against Humanity instead of providing him free advertising for whatever solar company he's shilling for.