Economics has no Morality.

Economics has no Morality.
War head Banned: "Play it again Uncle Sam".

Friday, September 25, 2015

"Fahrvergn├╝gen": "Enjoy driving" (over anyone in your way).

Vee double (Cross) you: "Truth is whatever VW can get believed."  

 The scandal behind VW's rigged readings is far murkier than anything anyone wants to talk about just yet. A light embarrassment, a little false note in the tinkling coins. The marriage of State and Corporation that we so decry we can no loner deny, 'cause when VW pulled their nasty trick, it wasn't just for themselves, but the palm oil plantation owners and the diesel refiners and stations all palming off palm oil diesel to the public as, "eco-friendly", even as a choking smog sends 25 planes into t he air over in Singapore as more rainforest is burned down to plant palm oil plantations from which this bio-fuel is produced.  But the diesel made therefrom has lost its price advantage over dirty diesel since the collapse of oil prices, and that gives this scandal its real juiciness. 

Like Putin's 'Champions" or China's State Enterprises, corporate heads do exactly what Adam Smith, their go-to man when they want a catchy phrase like, "the invisible hand of the market", (with no one ever noting that the only reason a hand needs to be invisible is when it's picking your pocket, and that the best place to do that is in a busy market place), to sell the complete rape of the public to that very same public (ya gotta admit, they're pretty good at it), but failing to mention that it was that same Adam Smith who warned, in the same tome (it's very tome-y), that at no time nor any place have two or more members of the corporate class got together than that within ten minutes they have entered into a conspiracy against the public.

This particular conspiracy had a lot more in mind than selling a few extra Jettas. It was inter-corporate intrigue that was out to salvage an industry and the trillions of investment that have been sunk in to it, billions of which was wrung out of climate change believers, those pro-Lifers, as a conscionable alternative to fossil fuel investment. This was the way to maintain the carefree pursuit of mindless driving, driving ,driving without all that nasty guilt about habitat annihilation. 
But of course, it was/is a lie. The only way, not to sell more vehicles, but to make the science work such that bio-diesel has a smaller carbon footprint than fossil fuel-derived diesel was to  play us all for colossal fools and simply fix the tests.

This goes right to the heart of the beast. The economic system can only be maintained by deliberately lying not only the public but fellow businessmen and investors, bankers, insurance personnel and accountants complete fabrications that are massaged for your comfort and relaxation. The entire global economy has been Enronned. The transportation sector is not only a vital artery, but a contributor of a vast portion of the world's nations' economies, and it is buttressed by a pack of lies. The same with the housing industry,the Banking industry, insurance, all doing business making decisions on the basis of false data. And not just false. Deliberately manipulated to be false for other than the obvious underhanded reason. 

The same carefully  planned deception undergirds the entire economy. A house of cards that were pulled from the bottom of a deck that's a pack of lies.