The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time for Regime Change.

Asia Times online editorial for election day. Every one agrees we need a change from the Bush putsch.

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Nov 5, 2008

Send off the clowns

It is not our place to tell Americans how they should vote. Their concerns are health plans, taxes and, suddenly, socialism. That's their business. We can however tell them what America looks like to us, and it's our business, because America is a 800-pound gorilla in our patch of jungle. We need the gorilla because it helps sustain our ecosystem by consuming stuff we make but can't use ourselves. But for the past eight years our gorilla has been acting like a crazed thing, bringing wars and economic catastrophe. Its antics have made it a pariah and worse - a laughing stock. It's a gorilla that wears a big red nose, a frizzy wig and oversize shoes.

It looks to us like the gorilla has been trained by a bunch of clowns whose goal is universal domination rather than universal

good. Power for its own sake, at any price. It doesn't seem to us that even Americans have benefited from their rule - we see your financial ruin, your war dead (the dead they don't let you see), the wars you are still waging at monstrous cost and without a chance of winning, and we ask: Who has benefited? We see only a growing troop of militant Islamists, chittering with glee, a clan of America's business elite whose greed and excesses have been rewarded with a free lunch, for which you are paying, and a tribe of military industrialists, enriched by your taxes.

These clowns are not stupid. They are experts in the arts of bamboozlement. They won and held power by cleverly manipulating you through sophisticated use of your media and political trickery. Fear and greed: they gave you the former and satisfied the latter, instilling in you fear of a bogeyman under your bed and allowing asset bubbles to inflate to bursting point. Having taken power, they understood they could lie to you with impunity, and so they threw in a few whoppers like Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Now they are telling you that only they and their ilk can save you from the results of their own hubris. They have given you something new to fear: Barack Obama is a socialist! As if they themselves had not abandoned their free market doctrine when it no longer suited them and are now busy using their remaining time to redistribute wealth - giving your wealth to their buddies. The frightening thing, to us, is that so many of you are still listening to them without asking yourselves whether the trainers who cracked the whip at George W Bush are not the same ones who will crack it at John McCain.

Our plea from our patch of jungle to you is: Please look at the big picture. We are part of that big picture, and we need a sane, healthy gorilla, not a pathetic megalomaniac. It looks to us like you do, too.

Allen Quicke is Editor of

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