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The Pentagong Show
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Krugmaniac's "Nospeak".

In this week's The Institutional Risk Analyst's article on government malfeasance, they started with a quote from "Words", a piece by Anthony Judt published in the July 15, 2010 issue of The New York Review of Books. In it he states that "Rather than suffering from the onset of "newspeak," we risk the rise of "nospeak ..."

In his championing of this new genre of obfuscating journalism, The Krugmaniac has been proving himself the master ever since the onset of the financial crisis, but with this week's piece entitled, "Who Cooked the Planet?", he outdoes himself.

Here we have the loudest proponent of Central Government stimulus, all but standing on this desk and yelling More, More, More!, accusing his Washington counterparts of greed and cowardice. The reason? They, (and he singles out John McCain here for special chastising, as he's "
a man willing to sacrifice his principles, and humanity’s future, for the sake of a few years added to his political career") are not taking enough action on climate change legislation.

But Krugman's just doing the same thing as the Senator he disparages. Every job created in the US economy creates an energy hog. It enables another American, whose carbon footprint will thence be 5 X's the size of the rest of the planet's inhabitants, to trundle up to the energy trough and burn more energy, support an energy-voracious, out-of-control military machine, and stoke oil companies to more hazardous areas of discovery and extraction. It is completely hypocritical to yell coward at the Congress (not that he's not right) while simultaneously screaming for more stimulus.

The danger that the world will continue down its insane path to humanity's self-inflicted demise comes not from climate-change-denying fools like McCain and his idiotic Palindromic running mate, Harass Sarah. They're politicians. Their self-interest, corruption, hypocrisy and use of "nospeak" to assure they never get caught in a lie, by simply never actually saying anything, are all in their job description.

The Krugmaniac, however is supposedly an economist and a journalist (although, with that clownish buffoon Ben Stein writing for the same paper and claiming the same credentials, it's hard to hold anybody to account anymore) , and the job of both those titles is to elucidate the issues for the public, not becloud them by spouting nonsense.

The answer to The Krugmaniac's question, "Who cooked the Planet?", is an undeniable, "We did". Call it "The Washington Consensus", "The End of History", "Globalization", "The American Dream", whatever you like, but you can't foist your energy-intensive, carbon-spewing, winner-take-all-and-the-rest-be-damned, capitalist model of resource extraction and capital accumulation-cum-creative destruction onto our entire earthly sphere, bringing our freedoms to them at the point of a gun, and then demurely ask "Who cooked the Planet?" It's like asking "Who Cooked Fallujah?" Gee, I wonder? Who do you think that could've been? Must've been those guys Greed and Cowardice. It sure as hell wasn't moi.

Instead, by pretending to be incensed at the Congress while simultaneously demanding that that same Body stimulate the very economic model that's brought the globe to this hazardous state, and pretending that there's no connection between the two, The Krugmaniac shows himself to be just another man willing to sacrifice his principles, and humanity’s future, for the sake of a few years added to his "journalistic" career.

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