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The Pentagong Show
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Friday, July 23, 2010

TGIF: Timothy Geithner is Fatuous

While watching Charlie Rose interview Timothy Geithner the other night, I felt my cheek smart as Geithner gave me a resounding slap.

"The government doesn't create jobs", he told Mr. Rose.

There sits the Secretary of the Treasury, one of the plum positions in the federal bureaucracy, some would say it is the highest post in the President's cabinet, yet the holder of it doesn't consider it his job. That explains so much of what goes on in government. Like any slap in the face, it smarted, but it also left an afterglow, a tingling sensation reminiscent of pleasure as I remembered my post of 8/23/2008, entitled:

GM Drives itself off a Cliff.

In that post I reminded us of the fact that,

"On May 28, 1987, Mathias Rust took off from Helsinki, and, flying at low altitude to avoid radar detection, landed a small, single-engine plane in Moscow's Red Square.

This caused considerable embarrassment to the Politburo, and within a year the entire top echelon of the Soviet military was replaced.

On September 11, 2001, airline jets slammed into NYC's largest towering skyscrapers and into the Pentagon itself, killing thousands and wreaking havoc in not only those cities but to the airline industry and the economy as a whole. Not one government person lost their job."

But, now I see. No one lost their job because, as TG states, the government doesn't create jobs, so quite logically, no one in the federal employ is expected to perform a job function. Their positions are mere sinecures. How else to explain the Secretary's remark? His entire career has consisted of government positions, which, he can sit there and declare on national television were not jobs, which must be the truth, since, instead of falling out of his chair, the journalist Charlie Rose didn't even blink an eye.

Now doesn't that explain everything? Now there's logic to how Reagan can fire the entire staff of striking FAA employees for demanding more money, but after 9/11, GW fired nary a one for not noticing jet planes completely changing course and flying for 45 minutes, heading straight for the twin towers and the pentagon. Well, to lose one Twin Tower is unfortunate, but to lose two sounds like carelessness. For such carelessness, anyone in the private sector would be sacked and never find a job again. But now I see. As long as their keeping the chair warm, and dutifully taking their paychecks, Government sinecure-holders are safe from worry of dismissal, because, unlike a job, they have no actual responsibilities.

That's how Timothy Geithner can sit there, never having held down a job in the private sector, and even as government is the largest employer in the country, and regurgitate his Wall St. buddies' mantra that government doesn't create jobs, with one statement, making all federal, state and city employees, into little more than thieves, leaving the US in a worse state than the USSR was in. There, "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us" was the paradigm-du- jour. Here, they don't even have to pretend to work and they get not only better pay and access to union membership they get health care services, pension plans and no worries about peremptory dismissal, all by taking part of the earnings of the poor slobs who do have jobs, but who get none of those benefits. Instead they have to work at least five months of the year in order to provide those benefits to all those who don't.

No wonder everyone wants to get a federal sinecure.

No wonder China has been threatening for many months to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

No wonder our largest creditor thinks American debt should be downgraded to junk.

Thanks for setting us straight Timmy. We can't wait to see how you "fix" the GSE's. But I'm sure it'll be to make sure those hard working stiffs pay even more for the housing of those who rake in more money than they can ever dream of making. Because don't forget, all those poor working stiffs, not only have to pay for all those sinecured positions, they also have to pay to guarantee their homeowner loans, and to pay for their mortgage interest deductions that they make on their over-valued homes, kept at that overpriced value by the illegal machinations of your partner at the Fed.

Just think. Between the two of you (yes just 2 of those federal sinecures, and not the highest paying, either), that's half a million bucks. And over you, Mr. Geithner, must be kept careful watch, because you're a well known tax cheat (
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