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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Con Text Duel.

Microwave Oven
I saw the jet stream in the sky today. A puffy white filigree tracing a path through the air to an invisible destination. Much like wo/mankind itself. Maybe the thought of it being crossed and crisscrossed like apple pie-crust made me wonder how relevant is the constant cross-hatching through the firmament in contributing to, or, more accurately, subtracting from, global warming.

Because since we know that those jettrails are effective in deflecting back the sun's rays,  shouldn't we be increasing our trans-Arctic flights? That would increase the albedo effect as well. Otherwise, as the global economic system continues to cool, people will fly less with the result that the global ecological system will still continue to warm.

That's a reflection of the direct effect of the economic system on the ecosystem, for it effectively puts a net of  sorts over the planet. But there's an invisible net also. And not only the one we refer to as the internet, which, together with cell phones and Satellite TV, and now radio, constantly pulses increasing levels of invisible man-generated energy, bombarding us with an increasing number of frequencies of microwave bandwidth slowly cooking the people of the planet, as their internal organs get zapped, along with their leftovers, but the frogs in the pot don't even notice the difference, basking instead in the spreading warmth caused by their own barbequing organs.

Texting infiltration rises constantly, especially in crowded urban areas where the density and ubiquity of the transmission lines results in increasing numbers of collisions and the concomitant escalating necessity for rebroadcasts. As the level rises to such a pitch, the annoyance begins to impinge on the consciousness of the crowd who start texting their friends to see what's going on. They neglect, of course to confer with one another, so the fact that's it's a purely local phenomenon is never discovered.

On a LAN, such a phenomenon is referred to as a Broadcast Storm, as one datapacket leaves a PC at the same time as another and they end up crashing into one another. They go back to the starting position, and try again: at the same time, so they crash again, soon all the machines on the network are broadcasting packets that never get through. The solution to this was to create an algorithm whereby the machines would wait a different amount of time after the network was quiescent again before attempting to get their respective packets through the net. A net is very interesting: for some, hard to get over, easy to see through, sometimes impossible to get things across, and as hard to get through whether you're inside it or outside it.

However, mathematics is a wicked instrument; it allows mankind to rise above nature, but as payment for releasing its secrets, it makes us the slaves of machines, a growing proliferation of which emit invisible directed radiation to do our bidding. But the web it casts, is ever poised to catch us unawares, even as it did on 9/11. Because it wasn't any terrorist group that built that web. But they used that World Wide Web as an integral instrument of their plan of mayhem. And that web was spun by US.

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