The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Die Verbrecher Klasse.

 "One (Criminal) Class to rule them all and in the darkness bind them".

According to Ambrose, "The new risk (in Asia) is a return to overheating as ultra-loose monetary policies in the West trigger a “flood of capital into the region that could lead to asset bubbles and excessive credit growth” -- with the risk of sharp reversals later", which illustrates that the real ramifications of Bernanke's FED policies doesn't allocate money, and thereby increase employment in the expensively-priced-labor market of the US economy, but instead provides the mechanism to siphon the money of the US taxpayer, via private capital - and private profit, taxes on which are small to non-existent - into the cheap labor market of China. Thus the conundrum of China's ever-expanding economic growth that the pundits pretend to wrestle with, is revealed for the shell game it's always been.

But we should not be surprised when the avatars of Financial Chicanery in the Capitol of Crony Capital smile into Uncle Sam's beard, for in the sum total of their beings, they are people in whom the propensity for Evil crackles like the fire under a cauldron.  

They, of course, would presumably retort that they simply serve the public, and are struggling mightily to save the world from catastrophic deflation by channeling cheapened dollars into a cheapened labor market to bring cheap goods at cheap prices to US consumers made hungry from receiving paltry paychecks from cheap employers, forced to be so in order to compete with cheaply-priced goods imported from China, using cheap capital indirectly supplied by the FED. 

This makes one ask how economics and, specifically, its criminal branch, finance, came to have its present-day aspect, which is in itself important, since after all, it dominates us. Not even an illiterate person is safe from it because her life is dependent on countless things that are born of it. 

And the answer to that, greed worshiped as a god, though simple, is not taken for the evil it is. Perhaps you could argue it's a necessary evil, however, just as the citizens of the most virulently-espoused form of capitalistic society are also those the least informed as to what their lives would be like if it were actually practiced here, the Nation itself, avowing its deeply religious, and specifically, Christian, roots, remains, at least in word, oblivious to the fact that the reigning power that drives it, Greed, is one of the seven deadly sins, and is therefore, based on Evil, as that's what sin is.

Not that it would be a virtue to let oneself be taken in in your business dealings, instead of putting one over on your rivals. However, if you were to investigate just what those qualities are that lead one to the discoveries that allow one to dominate your competition, you'd find that freedom plays a large part in it: freedom from scruples, freedom from inhibitions, freedom to allow the destructive spirit to drive you, and freedom from moral considerations. It demands patient bargaining for the smallest advantage, dogged endurance to attain your goal (while staying out of gaol), and a veneration for measure and number amounting to the most acute mistrust of all uncertainty; in other words, you must see like the hunter, soldier, and merchant, which is to say, like people whose nature it is to be cunning and violent. 

The financier simply transposes these vices into intellectual terms and re-interprets them as virtues. And so by this means they are seemingly raised above the appearance of pursuing their ends simply for their own personal and comparatively vulgar advantage. There still remains however, the element of primal Evil that is not lost in bringing about this apparent transformation. 

Intensified as it is into the heroically bitter realization that you cannot rely on anything in life except what is secured and riveted, these basic drives are enclosed within the soberness of the so-called science of economics, and even if, in order to keep up the appearance of nobility and honor and a concern for justice, one does not want to call it the Devil, the fact persists that it brings a decided whiff of brimstone with it. 

However, so long as it is able to deliver on a large enough proportion of its promises to a large enough contingent of its constituents, this basically primal aspect of its make-up is ignored, if not, in fact, completely forgotten, such that, when, as is the case in the present, the paradigm no longer applies to a large and growing swathe of its well-armed and overly-driven-to-dominate populace, and they turn on one another with the same violence and cunning that has been unthinkingly inculcated deeply into their psyche, no amount of gun control and high-minded speeches about the shock such viciousness engenders, can change the metaphysics of intoxication with which they have been so thoroughly imbued.

Hence, discussions of the political structure of the United States as a Republic, or a Democracy become not mere academic exercises and intellectual meanderings, but become issues with which it is incumbent upon the denizens of an over-arching, domineering Empire to come to terms. Instead, the world's only Super Power remains purposelessly unaware of, or at least refuses to address or admit, its status as World Dominatrix, even though personages as ideologically disparate as neo-liberal Niall Ferguson, and neo-con Charles Krauthammer have constantly reminded us of this status, we just as determinedly refuse to acknowledge, and therefore, discuss or digest its political ramifications.

Until we do, however, the financial class, whose bailiwick it is to supply the lifeblood, in the form of money and credit, that circulates through The Empire's sclerotic veins, will continue in their position of power and dominance, for without them, it all collapses into the chaos and uncertainty that are the lifeblood and power base of a thriving and pulsating Democratic Republic.

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