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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pekid Oil: The More We Burn, The Less We Earn.

The True Face of Capitolism (sic).

As Greece hits the fire and every nation of the OECD, together with China, Brazil, and India, all teeter on the brink of their own fiscal cliff, otherwise known as recession, the Global Ongoing Depression, is still referred to, even by such stalwarts of the World Economy as Ambrose-Evans Pritchard, as a "crisis" :

a : the turning point for better or worse in an acute disease or fever
b : a paroxysmal attack of pain, distress, or disordered function
c : an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person's life crisis
: the decisive moment (as in a literary plot)
a : an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending; especially : one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome crisis
b : a situation that has reached a critical phase crisis>
Does anyone else wonder where in this definition does it suggest that a crisis is something that can go on interminably? Is it not aparent that the crisis phase of the economic recovery (remember, there has been excessive verbiage and adamant insistence that the US economy is in a recovery, as was Europe's. So pray tell, how can the Financial Crisis still be getting ink?) 

I will answer that parenthetical question, even though you already know the answer. Which is that the financial press will refer to the current economic situation as a malaise, a recesssion a double-dip, a crisis, even as it goes on for 5 years, a fiscal cliff, anything, (write in and suggest your own moniker), than admit that the world is in an intractable economic depression from which it has no clue of how to extricate itself, simply because every alernative to the soul-crushing, economic engine that's most exemplified by an Always-ready-for-War Economy: Capitalism, has mercilessly and systematically crushed every alternative to its militaristic madness into the ground.

Every nation is now left in the position to pull themselves up by their own jackboot straps. Somehow the impossibility of a Globalized economy with a resurgence of a newly rabid Nationalism seems to have escaped the powers-that-be who simply drone on and on about the profits rained down on our heads by the beneficence of Capitalism.

But in the previous post I pointed out that the amount of burnt fossil fuels pouring CO2 into the atmosphere, although slower than it was before the Depression, is now growing at an accelerating rate, even though the productivity of every economy on the globe has to use financial legerdemain in order to attain the numbers it needs to paint the picture of a level of economic growth suggestive of a healthy economy.

In other words, because we concentrate on the middle classes, and completely ignore the working class, most of whose members are lulled into the false belief that when the pundits and pols talk about the middle class, they're referring to them, the fact that the more fossil fuels we burn the more people we push into poverty has escaped our notice.

Lets call it the paradigm of the War-Mart: since how Capitalism works seems to be a mystery in the very country that's so assiduously shoved it down the throat of the world, it's really very simple.

A company, such as War-Mart, first buys the local politicians in order to give its business plan ascendancy over its competitors. Then, once having eliminated them locally, it extends its influence regionally, than by state, nationally, then internationally. Now, because there is no other entity of its stature, it can push prices down to levels its small-business competitors can 't hope to match, putting them all out of business. (Standard Oil set the standard, which is followed, pretty much to the letter, today)

Now, none of the dollars spent by local consumers stay in the local economy to do any good there, but instead those lower wages now translate into higher profits, sucked out of the community and into the pockets of shareholders who, not needing the money to spend on consumer goods, buy more shares to open more stores to continue the cycle of wealth-and-community destruction.
This is the paradigm known and loved by Milton "the Brick" Freidman, the Father of the Disappeared and documented in the Diary of Ayn "very frank" Rand, via her avatar, John Galt. 

Now, because of the new paradigm of finance that involves the hiding of risk, instead of its discovery and therefore, honest pricing via interest rates, the global economy now funnels more and more cash from the poorest of nations into the coffers of the richest, even though the richest nations' economies are developed and the poorest, are only developing. Meaning that the poorest nations use the fossil fuels they import or produce themselves, for productive use, whereas the richest use them for pure, unadulterated consumption. Think of it this way: in the US, people go for a Sunday "drive". There's no destination, there's just getting into a car and pouring (because of the millions of people who think like this) tons of CO2 into the atmosphere to literally go nowhere, for no purpose, and then back again.

The result of which is the point of no return we've reached today whereby, in an even worse scenario than that of the Red Queen in "Alice", running just to stay in place, the faster we run, the faster we bring on collapse, of not only the economic system but the various eco-systems of the world as well, guaranteeing that by the time total collapse is upon us, because we've destroyed all the other economies, including natural ones, there will be nothing left to build on.

So, even as the vast majority of citizens, journalists, politicians and businessmen of the world deny the existence of anything akin to Peak Oil, just like the issue of climate change, all the writers who did write about it accurately described each of its symptoms we're seeing today, (including the quintupling of its price since the above-pictured misanthrope took (literally) office), just as we're seeing all the predicted results of the continuation of pouring more and more fossil fuels into that finite dumping ground, once referred to as Earth's atmosphere.

But don't worry. There's no such thing as Peak Oil, Climate Change, Global Warming or well, really any limitations. We are the Whirled, and we will be mixed up for the rest of our lives. Enjoy!
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