The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Banking on your Demise.

Animal Farm spirits display Irrational Exuberance as Currency War Generals, Crash-and-Bernanke, Kuroda currency and Draghi it into the gutter, bloviate about all men being created equal, but some, Central Bankers decide who, are more equal than others.

With the ascendancy of Central Bankers to the position of Central Planners, a usurped position, since they've attained it with no vote or approval from any of the citizens over whose lives they've assumed control, the Volk no longer has any method of  securing their future, a fact overshadowed by the growing legions of those unable to secure their present and those still endeavoring to pay for their past.

Since savings are mere fodder for Central Bank debasement, (what floor's the bank on? Look in debasement) stocks over-valued assets whose real worth is no longer discernible,  their companies' books so cooked that even they don't know their real revenue stream, profits or tax liabilities, making every Corporations' projections of future growth pure hokum, based on conjecture and hopium, if not downright lies.
Is that engaging in hyperbole? Well, perhaps, but there's several items on which I have lingering questions, the longest lasting one having to do with Japan's "lost Decade" that  has morphed in to Japan's "Lost Generation". My question being, how can a small island nation that has been in a virtual depression for a generation still have an economy that is neck and neck with the 2'nd largest, that being China, although some say China's slipped back to number 3, after a generation of economic stagnation still be ranked the same as it was before its plunge over the fiscal cliff?

In a related query, how can China, an economy that's of such resilience and productivity that it powered the economic growth engine of the world following the collapse of life as we knew it in 2008, be nothing more than a 'developing economy', which it is referred to as to this day. An economic engine so powerful as to take over from Japan, however briefly  its position as 2'nd economy in the world, after only the US, be a developing economy? What's the symptom that one's economy is fully developed then? Collapse?

Which, its being the 3'rd/4'th largest economy in the world, depending on where China stands, brings us to Germany, and from there to the Euro. How can a currency that has for five years been on the ropes, skittering on the brink of collapse, with the fact that its banks are on the brink of insolvency, saved from that fate merely by financial legerdemain and accounting trickery, maintain its exchange rate, vis-a-vis the reserve currency of the world, and even become more expensive? Even as the dollar index sits at higher levels than it ever did during the Bush Regime, the Euro, a made-up currency based on little more than a dream, is even higher? How is that possible?

Now, whereas I naturally have other questions regarding energy and economics, such as how does a country decide to burn their food to ashes in order to power automobiles for drives to the beach, when it is well on its way to energy independence, and the area where the crops are being grown is in the midst of the worst drought in decades, causing them to suck the Oglalla aquifer dry? But questions such as this have to do with policy decisions that, even though we're in a Demockracy, get calcified into practice no matter that changing circumstances might warrant reconsideration of such folly. But the others are economic measurements, which are supposedly 'scientific', and undoctored (Nurse!).

And since every Central Bank on the globe is forcing, by policy, savers out of safety and into risky assets, the value of which depends on constant manipulation upward by a financial elite determined to impoverish huge swathes of the population and enrich their co-conspirators via insider trading, non-prosecution for the most outrageous defalcations, and outright fraud, what criteria is left for investors to use when making decisions as to how to allocate their assets when the Fed's determined to keep their property underwater, their savings under siege, and their pensions underfunded?

Well, the simple answer to that is staring us right in the face, but we're hell-bent on ignoring it: Capitalism, American-style, has no room for elderly, for the sick, nor the destitute, therefore, by forcing all of us into that situation, it follows the Stalinist path of social control via mass annihilation without the need for expensive bullets, firing squads or unsightly holes filled with bloody corpses. Merely embalm them with programs promising help to prepare for life's exigencies, tax them for them, then steal all the money and pull the rug out from under them once it's too late for them to change course. You'll be amazed how many simply slink quietly into the grave without a whimper, unless its to bless America for granting them the freedom to die.

Personally, I think it's all the world can ever offer. Looking around the globe, there's really not a better deal offered anywhere else, so, America, Come Clean! Let's face it, all you offer is basically better than a bullet in the back, but come on, Freedom? Equality? Privacy? Bunk! All the nonsense you spout about Democracy and 'rights' just put you in the same boat as Stalin and the rest of them, but there is a real difference.  USA, where you have the freedom to die the Kervorkian Way: Suicide. Your thanatron awaits you. Massive waves of suicide, jump on board the rising tide.

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