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United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Islamophobia is Anti-Semitism.

Netanyahu to French Muslims: ‘Come home to Israel from terrible European anti-Semitism’

Jesus, Charlie, take a breath:
Remember, it isn't just the Koran that's used to justify and exhort its practitioners to murder:

* Major American political and religious figures make regular trips to Uganda to encourage opposition to and call for the death penalty for homosexuality. But there's few protesters saying, "Black Lives Matter" in response.

* During the Reagan Administration US taxpayer dollars were funneled into Saudi Arabia to fund the Wahhabi school of Islamic Fundamentalism in order to exhort Muslims to murder the "Godless Soviets" in Afghanistan, despite warnings from more sober-minded State Department officials of the blowback such a policy would engender. Those same schools and the same King rule to this day.
* During the Bush administration Pat Robertson, a former candidate for President of the United States, and Christian televangelist called for the assassination of Hugo Chaves during broadcasts on his 700 club TV show.
* And then there's this, just one of several:…
He cares nothing about people dying from AIDS, he just wants to murder people who made no cruel, baiting cartoons about his church. It's only because of our secular institutions in this country that fanatics like him are kept from executing people they deem unworthy to live, that's why they go to Africa to exhort the governments there to do their killing for them. Like the ridiculously monikored "War on Terror", ridiculous because there is no War without Terror, Bibi the Yahoo appeared in Paris to exhort Europeans to flee to Israel, because the Anti-semitism in Israel, that murders Semites on a regular basis, is preferable to the Anti-Semitism of Europe, that murders no Semites, but is in the throes of apoplexy brought on by the Semites who opened fire on cartoonists with Kalashnikovs.

For those confused by this, one should look up the definition of Semites, but since I already have, I'll share it with you:

Semites | Define Semites at
a member of the group of Caucasoid peoples who speak a Semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians.

To see how language is twisted to serve the needs of those that wish to control the dialog, Bibi's exhortation for Jews to return to their "Promised" land, was prompted by the fact that 4 Jews were among the cartoonists gunned down. So now, Europeans, are Semites, and Semites are, well, just fodder unless you're the right kind of Semite, a Chosen Semite. As The Yahoo stands in front of the world and calls for them to come "Home" to a place where they have never stepped foot in their lives. The Bibi the Bozo pretends that Muslims are not themselves Semitic, else when he calls the Europeans anti-Semitic, he would be calling for all of the Muslims in Europe to return to their "Homeland":

 If one looks at the meaning of anything that's"anti", one can't be more "anti" someone than killing them, and despite all Net any yahoo's grandstanding over the weekend, nobody has killed more Semites during the course of this century than the State of Israel, and none more than while under the rule of Netanyahoo. This makes Israel the world's Capital of Anti-Semitism, so yeah, guys, come on home to where it's the State itself that's the perpetrator of anti-Semitic pogroms, you know how well that's worked for us the past.  

But let's look now at the US implications of Bibi's pronouncement. What it means is that the state of Israel actually admits that the Jews in the US have a loyalty to the country of their birth only secondarily. It is to the State of Israel, their real "homeland", whose security is more important than that of the US. If any US citizen or publication were to suggest such a state of affairs they would not get published, they would lose their jobs, and quite possibly their livelihood, such is the power of AIPAC, but now that it is the Leader of Israel that barefacedly proclaims it, what are the  implications of, say, Blankenfein, doing "God's work" of useing Milton Freidman-style wreckonomics in the US? What are the implications of his fellow, now we know, Israelis, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, leading the country and the world to the edge of the financial abyss in order to enrich all their fellow Israels-by-default by holding the US government hostage to their demand that it rake the US citizens over the coals, to make good on the bad bets they made by transferring trillions of dollars into the pockets of their cronies, pillaging from the US economy all that they can in the name of Yahweh, just as they were accused similarly of doing in the 1930's in Germany as they used the Paris Peace accord's reparations demands on Germany to rape the country and transfer every item of value that wasn't nailed down and sneak it out of the country. All of a sudden such rabid charges don't sound as far-fetched as we've always truly believed they were. You don't think for a minute Bibi's suggesting that the diaspora he's addressing show up in Israel empty-handed, do you?

Such thievery, if you're actually a citizen of Israel first, is a perfectly legitimate action on the part of American Jews, because they, as Netanyahu has declared, are US citizens only by proxy and convenience. They are sons and Daughters of Israel, to whom they owe their true allegiance, and it is in their provenance to use the liberal laws of their country of origin to get what they can, because, as all people of Faith know and boast, the laws of this world don't apply to them the faithful, it is the law of the Supernatural that is put above all secular ones. By calling Israel the true home of all Jews, he's declared the US the Jewnited States Of America, because no other country on the globe has a higher percentage of, what we now are informed are really, Israelis, in high office, working tirelessly to attain positions of influence in the media, law, medicine, government, finance, to persuade the 300 million people of the US to destroy their own credibility in the world in order to be foot soldiers for one of the smallest minorities in the country, comprising less than a scant 3% of the population, yet who are actively involved in determining the foreign policy and defense posture for the entire nation, not with the well-being of the US in mind, but that of the State of Israel. What was BN thinking?

But I can't but believe that they did not want  this to be broadcast to the four corners of the globe (although a globe has no corners), as Netanyahu has now done. Because, with these words, he has re-enforced the worst accusations of Hitler against the Jewish people. He has made it possible for such anti-Jewish sites as to pour their vitriol all over the net with renewed enthusiasm, because they can now point at the Israeli Prime Minister's statement and proclaim, "See?!, we were right all along, your Jewish citizens are mere pawns of the State of Israel." It is hard to see how the blowback from this blowhard's grandstanding is to be contained.

Now, in Ukraine, as the city of Donetsk gets shelled by its own government, the fact that they are Russian in both language and culture, makes it clear that, to follow the logic of Bibi, their real home is Russia. And it is up to Russia to protect them. Both ideas that are rejected by Israel. But that's always the advantage of being Chosen People, whether by US ideas of their own exceptionalism, Aryan nightmare fantasies of racial superiority, or Jewish beliefs that they are, no matter where they decide to settle, firstly citizens of Israel, the rules apply to everyone else, but you, being special, merely make the rules, you need not abide by them, as you have special dispensation granted by the diaphanous realm of the Supernatural that it is blasphemous for anyone, not of your Special Status, to question. The Muslims may indeed be Medieval, but the Israeli's have now shown themselves to be downright prehistoric.

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