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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Do We Need a Stronger Hand? Couldn't we try a Lighter Touch?

sPinocchio's at it again.

Tell me Auntie Mame, Who's my Uncle Sam?

Why do I just sit and Google?
Democracy was always a big romance;
"Over There"'s played by a boy on a bugle,
But the notes that he's playing aren't for any damn dance.

Why do we wield so strong a hand?
Though what's decreed's a Lighter Touch?
Watching SOTU flanked by Ryan,
Then Debates that just keep liein',
That's a bit too much.

At the moment I'm just feeling blue,
'Cause the options just dismay.
Not one seems to have a clue,
That such talk'll turn to strife, one day.

Did we think peace was too dull?
Are we happy just when riled?
Have we just become the Klan?
How did this become our plan ...
Warring every -Stan?
Don't you feel beguiled?

And you know there've been a million things,
That our hearts have put away.
Let's remember one or two,
And stop killing, if for just one day.

Should we blame past times that pampered us,
Or blame the times that crossed us;
What a Shame!
So many never found their joy.
Before they tossed us.

How did it become a scam?
Did we think it all was free?
Now that anything's allowed,
All's too lush and loud, bursting energy.

Though I'll ask myself my whole life long,
What went wrong along the way;
Would we make the same mistakes
And think War is worth the price today?
If that boy with the bugle,
Blew it to start yet more strife today.

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