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The Pentagong Show
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Reagonomics into the Dustbin of History.

Just say, "GO!"

With the demise of the other half of the US's architect of destruction team, the revamp of history will start anew, as we are made privy to the distorted view of this heinous couple and the "It's Morning in America" sloganeering they made famous even as they ushered not only communism into the dustbin of history, but democracy as well. For what the Reagans demonstrated to the Supra class was how easy it was to make policy decisions that will bring the illusion of prosperity to a few and leave the rest of the polity in a deplorable, sinking condition while putting off the worse ramification of these policies until long after they are out of office and, as we're seeing the most outrageous examples of now, their successors are left to take the blame for the betrayal wrought long before they came into office.

The Reagans presided over the largest fraud ever perpetrated on a democratic populace in the history of the world as they, despite their knowledge of the dire effects the burning of ever-increasing amounts of toxic fossil fuels would have on the climate and the environment, ripped the solar panels Jimmy Carter had installed off the  roof of the White House, symbolizing the atavism to which they preferred to plunge the country into.

Under the Reagans, DB, ie Defined Benefit pensions disappeared, replaced with 401k's that left most of the working class at the mercy of con-artists, euphemistically referred to as the financial class.

Weapons were sold to our Iranian enemies, drugs were sold on the streets of American cities to pay for illegal wars fought to place right-wing dictators into power in several Central American countries,

Criminals such as Ollie north, and his cohorts were nurtured and let loose to forge a path of illegality and abuse that made the Watergate plumbers, some of whom were in their ranks, look like sandbox players,

The true nature of Capitalism Criminality was loosed to run rampant over local laws, human rights, environmental concerns and, in the end, as it had to be, Democracy itself.

On his homepage, it states at the very opening paragraph that the Reagan achieved "Peace through Posterity", when in fact he delivered neither.

Downton Abbey came to an end the same weekend that Nancy Reagan's life did, fittingly, as both were apologists for class rule, a form of governance of which fascism is merely the more extreme version. During the series, although no mention of it is made in the endless parade of on-air homilies produced to capitalize on its success, the term preferred for the Aristocracy by those who labor under its sway is the "Ruling Class", a term most Americans would recoil from, but which has never been more apropos than during the current epoch of  "money is free speech" and "Corporations are people, too", and which none were more instrumental in bringing about than the Reagans.

But like her husband, Nancy Reagan, at the end of his two terms in office, viewed with satisfaction the achievements of his destructive program Trumpeted as the Reagan Revolution, whose purported aim was to reinvigorate the American people and reduce their reliance upon Government, while it in fact destroyed the industrial base of their prosperity while plunging the US electorate into higher government spending with a greater percentage of that spending fueled by debt, a debt that was bought by the rich, some of it paying double-digit interest rates, with the proceeds from the Reagan tax-cuts, turning the flow of government finance on its head by funneling interest payment to the rich via taxation on workers.

His site also claims that "During his two terms he increased defense spending 35 percent, but sought to improve relations with the Soviet Union."  That defense spending they ballyhoo is, contrary to Republican dogma, Government spending. And the way Reagan sought to "improve" relations with the Soviet Union, despite all the Reagan championing of "Free Market" capitalism, was wrought by manipulating the most fundamental aspect of that "Free Market", the price of oil, by flooding the market with excess production so as to deprive that same Soviet Union he was seeking to "improve relations with", of its main source of foreign exchange, thereby crashing their economy and destroying it.

Now, you may agree with his intentions, you may applaud his accomplishments, but what you can't do is proclaim an avid manipulator of markets for financial and geopolitical gains (access to the oil riches of the Baku in the Caspian Sea Region was one of the real targets of the eventual dissolution of the USSR, just as oil, i.e., keeping it in the ground until Cheney's boss, Halliburton, could make all its investiture in fracking pay off, was GW's reasons for the Iraq War), and still call him a free market advocate. Nor cheer his build up of American "Defense" forces, when there was no one against whom we needed defend ourselves, as a reduction in government spending.  Reaganomics left the world, in the post Reagan era, meaner, leaner, poorer, more war-mongering , less charitable, less Christian and more Islamic, as Reagan's administration poured funds into the Wahhabi schools of Saudi Arabia and waged a not-so-secret War via a proxy army of well-funded (by the US taxpayer) mujaheddin "warriors" that's resulted in the world's being embroiled in armed conflict ever since. All this must be looked at in contrast, one must add, to the FDR era which eventually delivered the peace and prosperity it promised, not to a dwindling coterie of well-placed fat-cats, but to the population in general. This being no coincidence, as the Reagans despised the hoi polloi, and even the middle-class for that matter, whereas FDR saw them as his supporters and their well-being as his responsibility.

The real mentality of the slogan of the Reagan's "Peace through Strength" is apparent in the world today, as that strength is used to cow enemies and friends alike into submitting to the demands of the hegemon waving the stars and stripes while screaming "FREEdom" until it's red white and blue in the face. But it is, as it always was, used as a cover for military adventurism and Imperial overreach that disguises a robust and reckless Nationalism even as it advocates Free Trade (You know, like "Free Market": rigged to destroy worker's prosperity and designed to further entrench and enrich the already well-heeled). Yet perhaps this week we can be thankful that, even as the ambitions of another advocate of free Trade, Hillary Clinton's, are buried alive, her Republican doppelganger will be buried dead.

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