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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Taibbi or not Taibbi: That is a Question?

House of Bush/ House of Fraud.

More of a comment than a blog post today, I'd like to  make a quick observation regarding the blind spot in our politics that's resulted in their becoming a complete mess.

In his latest Rolling Stone article, enitiled,  R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party, Matt Taibbi states: 

"After 9/11, it felt like the Republicans would reign in America for a thousand years. Only a year ago, this was still a party that appeared to be on the rise nationally, having gained 13 Senate seats, 69 House seats, 11 governorships and 913 state legislative seats during the Obama presidency."

To that fact, I'd like to add that in 1992, the man in the White House, despite demonstrating to the world the overwhelming military superiority of the USA! USA!, GHW Bush, the father of the president who was responsible for the party's precipitous demise from its zenith to its current ignominious nadir, lost to an upstart Democrat named Bill Clinton, making his economic policies responsible for the election of the GOP's continuing nightmare of Clintons in the White House.

It seems no one is terribly concerned that the best option of the GOP, the one who's political war chest was being filled to overflowing by the high and mighty in the Republican Party, was the heir apparent to the failed policies of both those terminally depraved shrubberies. Yes, it was none other than Jeb Bush, a grandmotherly-looking shamelesss panderer who was quite willing to say anything, pose as anyone, just to get on the debating stage with other GOP clowns to mouth the ridiculous rostrums of a major party that more and more ignored the fact that it catered to an inflexible minority in its own ranks that more resembled a European rump party of fringe whack jobs than a Party of the USA that brings disparate opinions together under one tent and unites them via compromise around a hammered out Party platform to close ranks against its Democratic oppostion.   

To untangle that tortured verbiage in one sentiment, in a time in America when the country's economy is in, despite statements from the White House and Fed to the contrary, its worse shape since the Great Depression, one in which its citizens are confronting a future that in their heart of hearts they know more closely resemble a Mad Max movie than A Wonderful Life film, the GOP brings to the front of it ranks yet another scion of the man whose main achievement once in power was to bring the Reagan Revolution to a thrashing end via an engineered recession contrived, via his policy of closing US military bases on US soil, and then moving them, along with the economic stimulus they bring to the localities in which they are established, to the Middle East. Specifically, to Saudi Arabia, setting the stage for the outrage fanned by Bin Laden over the deployment of foreign troops in the holy home of Mecca and Medina, and providing the fodder needed to stage the only attack on the US homeland since the War of 1812; an attack over which his son presided.  

So twice, within the life span of a large swath of the population, the Bush family has put making its own fortune above the geopolitical and economic interests of the rest of the US population, using the White House as a platform to promote "Peace Dividends", that would flow into the Bush family coffers, first from the shrinking of the defense budget by Bush père, causing the stocks of such stalwarts as Martin Marietta, Boeing, and Raytheon, to cite but a few, to plummet, while his Carlysle group bought them up for pennies on the dollar, for which he was amply rewarded by his position as Chairman of its board, to his son's running the country for the enrichment of those same defense industry corporations by starting Wars that had no other purpose than to refill their coffers with taxpayer money wrung out of an enervated polity in the "Home of the Brave", still trembling in fear over mad Muslims. In the aftermath of the Iraqi invasion imbroglio, although everyone in the US has conceded that the WMD excuse was pure poppycock, while Powell's performance at the UN to demonstrate otherwise is also acknowledged as being nothing more than staged chicanery, no one has bothered to ask the question, "Then why?"

So I'll provide the reason I think is, always was, eminently obvious: Not to flood the world with the newly-liberated Iraqi oil they promised would pay for the War, but to keep that same oil where it was: in the ground, so that the VP's Halliburton and the GW's Texas cronies, such as Baker Hughes, could reap the enormous rewards for their investments in horizontal drilling and fracking technology that needed that Iraqi oil to stay right where it was so as to escalate oil's price to where the $100/bbl they needed to win back their risky investments would pay off.  A strategy that worked so well that, while the world's economy, as well as America's, was plunged into yet another Bush-induced recession, the Texan economy flourished.

Marco Rubio stole my sentiment and repeated it ad nauseum such that it drove him from the list of contenders while still spouting, "People say Obama has no idea what he's doing, but I say Obama knows exactly what he's doing", because, as GW Bush took one misstep after the other in his execution of the Iraq War, pundits kept saying GW didn't know what he was doing, to which I retorted in disbelief, "Fools (or, more likely, liars (with the MSM,  one's never quite sure which)), GW knows exactly what he's doing" (just ask Bechtel, for one, they loved him).

So, if anyone is to blame for what Mr. Taibbi calls the "Killing of the Republican Party", it is not Donald Trump, but the GOP leadership that decided handing the election over to yet another Bush to serve THEIR purposes, while insisting that Obama's responsible for the constrained nature of their constituents' current circumstances, hoping they'd simply forget that it was GW's completely feckless mauling of the economy for his own aggrandizement that left so many in his naively trusting Republican base so destitute. That is what gave rise to the rebellion in its ranks that culminated in the formation of the Alice in Wonderland absurdity of a "Tea Party" within a party, and the ensuing ascension of the candidacy of Donald Trump.

It was not the doing of Obama, as they would prefer to pretend to believe. This was the consequence of their own home-grown mentality that thinks that catering to religious fanaticism, whether at home or in the Middle East (as most presciently described by Kevin Phillips), is the path to both success at the polls and to their continued boondoggle as the world's Arms Supplier (but always posing as the oh-so-hesitant recipients of the out-size riches to be gleaned thereby). But when you sow the wind, which is all the GOP has left, don't start whining when you reap the Whirlwind. Especially not when your last proferred alternative to The Donald and his Whirlwind hairdo, Ted the Cruz missile, has won every tornado-plagued state in the country, and nothing smacks of panicked desperation more than trying to actually sow the Whirlwind, which is all the support of the candidacy of Ted Cruz consisted of.

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