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The Pentagong Show
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Google Minus: Anti-social Media.

In its intrusiveness and use of blocking ads, Google "+" outdoes Facehook once agian, this time by splashing an ad across the screen that refuses entry to users who don't wish to view it by making the clicking of "continue" ... (onto What you're not allowed to know unless you take the mandatory clickbait). I've so far refused. The last time this happened, it was with an Apple product, and the browser was Safari. That's why I have Chrome on my iPad now, but now it's the Chrome platform that's doing the blocking. I therefore switched to what used to be my browser, Firefox, where I am not blocked by an ad that insists I click it to access the content I went there to peruse. Which was Google+. So in order to accesss Google+, I'm forced to abandon Google Chrome, forced into using the competition. I hate bug-infested Firefox, but that's my new browser now. Thanks a lot Goggle.

Hand writing.

No other applications use this obnoxious intrusive type of internet blackmail, and I refuse to use any browser that does the opposite of what a browser was designed to do: allow a user to access data online.

What Chrome does instead is tell the user, by making the "continue" button mandatory, that whatever it is you're being forced to peruse, (and there's no telling unless you actuate the switch), is more important than whatever activity you signed on to pursue. Google decides the priority of what you read. Without your knowledge or consent, Google takes it upon themselves to decide what ads you MUST look at if you wish the apparently rarefied privilege of being allowed to pass through their blocking software to get to the content you want. 

By throwing such obstacles into the path of its readership, Google takes Control. What you view  has nothing to do with what you want to view, but what Chrome, ie, Google, wants you to view.

As this illustrates, there is a reason it is called the Internet, the World Wide Web. 

Ruses like this one, that direct users to where none of them want to go, reveals to users' minds the fact that it is a net cast over all our activities with an evil intention of enmeshing us like a dolphin in a fishing net.  Just like a web, it's nature is incorporated into its architecture: it is a trap. We all know this, it's right in the name of the thing, but on some subliminal level we prefer to ignore that little fact. But the name of the "service" we use means something, so the fact that it's a trap to ensnare us in its sticky web of lies is something we really don't need Google to remind us of.

No one knows that more than Google. But know one knows as much as Google how much They control what you see, and such devises as the one I'm referring to is simply the next step in the evolution of Googlism. Want to pay your bill online? First you must hit "continue" and go to a Google site that Google's advertisers have paid them to force you to detour to. The next step will be that you can't leave that site until a purchase is made. Oh yes, content is free. But to get to it you must pay the troll its toll. Don't be evil. Be conning, underhanded and manipulative. In other words, don't be evil, unless/until you're paid to be. 

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