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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Kremlin Ties.

 Kremlin Ties.
 It seems that there's a brouhahahahaha being made over the fact that both the Donald and his pick for Secretary of Scapegoat are being excoriated for having the audacity to have "Kremlin Ties". (Which kremlin they have ties with, there being a multiplicity of them, is not mentioned). The fact that the leaders-to-be of the Greatest country ... ever ... in the history of the world even unto the end of the world, (since its ascendancy marks the end of history), should have its leaders consorting with the proclaimed, Orwellian-named enemy, that other oil-rich nuclear power, is presented as an OHMYGOD! horrifific (sicsic) development, apparently means that we should all either quail in fear or turn ourselves into a rabble in arms to protest against the horrendous possibility that the US and Russia should have a rapprochement (a Detente, perhaps?).

So the CEO of Exxon/Exxoff is now going to be Secretary of State, oh my. How terrible that one of the men running things behind the scenes where he can hide from the political flack caused by his decisions should now be in a position where he has to face the music for them. A case in point being his saber-rattling over China's South Sea islands, which are little more than an ginormous oil Platform. Isn't it better that his conflict of interest is so glaring as opposed to his use of the usual hand-puppet to disguise his self-aggrandizing machinations? If we actually had any journalists left to hold his feet to the fire, definitely. As it stands, well, perhaps not.

What a world, what a world.

And all the howling coming from the failed Clinton camp fails to mention the Secretary's twice-repeated claim to the American people during the 2nd Presidential debate that the USA is "Energy Independent" a bald-faced, stupid lie that even the Wapo couldn't ignore, printing the fact that it was a lie in their fact-checking column the next day, after which it was never brought up or mentioned ever again. But importing the energy the US and its oil-thirsty military machine needs to run itself into the ground is at the very center of US foreign policy, a fact, I suspect, any former Secretary of State is well-acquainted with.

The Russians are slumming the Russians are slumming. Using what , you say? Oh, Cyber attacks?

You mean by using the internetwork that was developed by the US military, and then turned loose to private enterprise, much the same way computer technology and microchip manufacturing technology was released by the private sector to our enemies, because that's what communist countries such as China are. Aren't they? Or was it only Cuba that was our enemy? Cuba which, of all places, has been the recipient of intractable intransigence from the sole Super power, one that couldn't find any other place in the world to sequester (never imprison, since that would make them ... prisoners) their non-POW POW's, (since actually calling them POW's would bring them under the treaty obligation, to which the US is signatory, of the Geneva Conventions).

Not that I consider China our enemy, mind you, but, since the largest Communist country is not only a strategic trading partner with the US, but the strategic trading partner of the US, one to which sophisticated, taxpayer-funded technology was simply handed over in order to improve the profitability of US corporations, such as Apple Computer. Corporations which would never exist if not for the Federal Government, of which I believe the military is still a part, but that now refuse to pay taxes on their overseas' earnings. This to such a debilitating extent that the Bush administration had to grant a tax holiday in order to get them to repatriate their earnings. This leads one to wonder exactly why Russia was singled out as the enemy against whom all these multifarious industries were larded with US taxpayer dollars in order to build an information superhighway across which anybody in any country could thereby attack the US.

Because the collateral damage wreaked by turning over the government functions to the private sector are nowhere more glaring than those the USA has turned over to private industry that were previously functions of the military, such as cyber-security, the ramifications of which are the same as when any revolving door between public/private sectors are built: they leave open to the highest bidder secrets that were paid for and developed, not by the private sector which reaps the profits therefrom, but by the American taxpayer, who's now on the hook to pay for said development (and its onerous, never-ending finance charges and interest), yet has no way to collect the revenue from the very entities that became fat from it because all those fat cats pay fat lobbyists who pay fat-headed Senate and House representatives of the people to betray their constituencies.

Yet it's Russia you have a problem with?

It's like building the Emerald City and then building a road right to its heart paved with gold stolen from your own citizens, but that anyone else can then have access to as long as they lay a brick or two along the way, and then exclaiming, "Russians and commies and spies, OH My!", when they use those very instruments we ourselves have provided to them, to further their own interests.

And all this is assuming that the Russians did what they were accused of doing in the first place. But to check whether it's true we're supposed to ask who? The CIA? Are you kidding me?

The treaty President Obama recently concluded with Iran after decades of strife was necessary for one reason: the CIA involvement in overthrowing a legitimately elected leader of a sovereign State, because they believed he was too "left-leaning", and installing their own autocratic right-wing stooge in his place. And Iran never built a Super highway to facilitate, nay, practically invite, us to use to undermine their elections, as we have.

That one, and there are many more, unconstitutional interference with the election results of a Sovereign State, eventually precipitated the Iranian Revolution for which the USA has blamed the Ayatollah-so Khomeini (a cleric who would have had no power without the CIA's interference in another State's election), and the resulting Theocracy against which the right-wing now fulminates so self-righteously. Yet it is their right wing counterparts in the fifties, Allen Dulles being among the most notorious, that are responsible, not the Iranian revolutionaries, who we would today call terrorists, although they were clearly freedom fighters, for the current state of affairs.

That's the whole point of secrecy; never having to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions because you can always deny them. Kissinger called it Realpolitik, but the operating thesis is the same, They, not the ill-informed electorate, know what's good for the country (their country, not ours).

And now this nest of vipers, the same nest which fed the Bush administration false information to get us into yet another War, one that is still wreaking havoc in the world, and which thereby increased both their power and budget, while leaving the rest of us mired in intractable, unpayable debt,  is saying that the Russians are responsible for the US electorate giving the Presidency to an autocratic right-wing stooge of their own?

If they only had a heart, they'd shut up; if journalists only had the courage, they'd tell them to; if  we only had a brain we'd know they have their own agenda, and that our well-being is not on it.

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