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The Pentagong Show
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Conspiracy of Psylens to Distort Reality.

The reality the perpetrators of the hoax that climate change is a hoax have in store for us.  

Robert Scribbler posted the current reading of CO2 today. On January 5'th, it was 405.74, accentuating the continued acceleration of  its atmospheric accumulation, something to be expected, since the growth of fossil fuel combustion has been climbing faster lately also, something also to be expected, since the price of oil, despite the concerted efforts of all the countries producing it for export, has been low.

This should be a matter, not of simply concern, but of alarm, as the Trump readies himself to ascend the golden throne while still pretending he believes that all the talk of climate change is a hoax. It is my belief that this situation can no longer be tolerated and that it is far beyond the point where the hoax that climate change is a hoax needs to be addressed, not in the newspapers, whose credibility is somewhat tenuous at the moment, but in the Congress and Courts of the United States.

When the President elect and certain members of Congress, some of whom are on powerful committees, conspire, together with their campaign contributors, to perpetrate a fraud of this proportion, action must be taken to show that the cui bono of the hoax they attest to doesn't exist (what climate scientist gains from saying that the climate is being altered by human actiivy? They only stand to lose, as they, more than anyone, know the direct link between modern life and fossil fuel combusition) whereas the cui bono, who benefits, from perpetrating the hoax that climate change is a hoax, is glaringly obvious and can be gleaned via a quick perusal of the climate change deniers' political contributors.

Many of the Corporations that are on those lists and therefore most responsible for perpetrating the hoax that Climate Change is a hoax are also the exact same companies that are lobbying for drilling rights in the Arctic. So what we have is a melting Arctic that is the bellweather proof of a changed (not a changing climate, but a changed) climate ... and no, Mr. Trump, that is NOT "weather", whether you like it or not. This is proof positive that we have nothing more than bought politicians, one of them preparing to sit in the Oval Office, paid up front to sign onto this hoax that climate change is a hoax, despite the fact that it never consisted of anything less than a conspiracy among energy Corporations that want to use the reality of a changed climate to get access to the most lucrative drilling spot for oil left on the globe, a spot they never would have had any hope of access to without climate change, paying politicians to pretend that that same phenomena that gives them that opportunity is not  reality, but a hoax, even as they simultaneously jockey for position to exploit that very same reality they deny.

In layman's parlance someone perpetrating such bald-faced fraud would be called what they are:


What could make their true motives more clear? They have conspired against the people of the US and the world to take over the seat of power of the only country in the world that can stop their depredations by using utter nonsense; nonsense their own actions reveal they themselves don't believe, and yet there is no Congressional effort to bring these Citizens, yes, remember, they're citizens, up on conspiracy charges.

It would have been nice had President Obama brought this up instead of merely saying, "to simply deny the problem" (of climate change). As if accusing scientists from all over the world of engaging in a mass conspiracy to pretend that climate change is happening, or even that it inevitably will happen, given the scale of CO2 being pumped at an accelerating basis into the atmosphere, is just caused by a misunderstanding,. But to suggest that, with sufficient evidence, non-believers can be convinced of the unenlightened nature of their thinking, is practically Jesuitical in its sophistry.

These forces are a juggernaut determined to steamroll over any objections to their plans for self-enrichment, and the fact that some future people will be forced to live on a burnt-out husk of a planet is simply not relevant to them. They are criminals, and need to be treated as such. But instead, because we know deep in our hearts that without the exploitation of the resources they develop, our modern mode of life cannot continue, we allow them to propagate such nonsense. There is a name for that. It's called cognitive dissonance. and until we face the truth we can't even begin to discuss how to keep the remaining vast stores of carbon that nature  has sequestered in the ground out of the air.

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