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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump, Trump, Trump,The Planet's Burning.

London Fog: Another cover up.

As the fight continues over the North Dakota pipeline, we've yet to see an analyst who asks what, while a pipeline is being built to bring the dirtiest and most expensively produced oil to Texas, is happening to the large amount of oil already produced there? One would think that, being so close to the source of oil, refineries would be using excess capacity to refine the Canadian product when Texas oil is slack. But they would be wrong. The refineries in Texas were retooled to refine the sluggish Orinoco belt oil of Venezuela, and cannot be used to refine the fracked output of the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin. They can, however, be used for the Tar sands output. That is as long as the corporations that control the US economy can have their way (and they will ... any law that stands in their way can be mowed down as easily as the natives standing in their snowed-in tepees, it just takes a little longer).

We are consequently awash in gasoline, a record level of which is sitting in storage as consumers are more and more realizing that burning gasoline up in their vehicles in order to get to the job that they slave away at in order to burn up more money in their incineration modules, does not a happy citizen make. The vast infrastructure, not only physical, but monetary, including loans, insurance, title deed, registration, tickets, parking, and fuel costs is simply too expensive for a population no longer assured of its capacity to survive beyond the next paycheck, And for What? To be able to drive to the Quickie Mart?

As the spring "driving season" approaches, a new source of fuel also is mandated, the boondoggled fuel from food that gets added to the mix in order to drive down the mileage per gallon delivered by the fuel burnt. As the ratio of bang for the buck goes down, the same amount of miles driven requires a larger amount of fuel be burned to get there, but since the additive comes from a different source, the increase in demand (which is never, in any publication you'll read, attributed to the very real drop in fuel potency) won't draw down those gasoline inventories as much as the increased miles driven would suggest.

As modern life is pretty much defined by the auto, why don't we ask what is the price we pay? What is this nonsense of sitting in traffic burning fuel, day after day, by the millions, to go exactly where you just came from and then back again to sit in a cubicle, much of the time, or in a telesales make calls you could make from a home office.

As we scour the globe for new sources of concentrated CO2 to release from their chemical bonds and replace the oxygen in the air with, the question as to what we are doing his Alice in Wonderland caucus race for is never asked. We need more and more energy to bring economic growth so that we can sit on our asses and fly for awhile at sixty miles an hour: in other words, for cheap thrills that cost dearly, but whose cost we blandly dismiss, as they are paid by others (the successful use of the word "free" in advertisement and public services is testament to that fact: Healthcare, education, "free" products; every one knows none of these ever come free, they are merely free for me, someone else always gets stuck with the bill).

But we are not only driving ourselves crazy, we are driving the climate system into an ersatz state as well, and for what?

                                            Trump, Trump, Trump, The Planet's Burning.

In my cell-on-wheels I sit,
Thinking Mother earth, fuck you,
Gone are bright and happy homes, so yesterday,
And the tears they fill my eyes
Tho' I try to cheer my comrades and be gay.

Trump, Trump, Trump, the wheel's are turning,
Steer on drivers, it's a race
At a deadly frantic pace 
We befoul the air we breathe
as we poison and destroy our only home.

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