The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What a Wermacht-full World: Arms Strong.

There's no such thing as a Civil War.

 What a Wonderful World

I see seas turn green, dead roses too
I see the same doom for me and for you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see flies on you, hear cries of fright
The silent dismay, of nuclear night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

There are star-spangled banners, pretty in the sky
Flying over forts armed to make people fry
I see friends shaking fists, screaming red, white and blue
All they're really saying's I'm gonna kill you.

I hear babies cry, and I watch in despair
They'll all be taught to really not care
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jennaration Gasp.


Each generation is born into a world where those with a brain as well as a heart can't find any support. The destructive work of previous generations leaves us a world that offers no security in the religious sphere, no guidance in the moral sphere, and no tranquility in the political sphere. We get thrown into the midst of metaphysical anguish, moral anxiety and political disquiet. Inebriated with objective analysis, with the acclaimed weapons of mere reason and science, the generations that preceded us did away with the foundations of faith, replacing it with an ersatz paganism that imbues the divine with sordid interventions in human affairs hardly becoming of a deity.

Standing in the midst of a tornado-ravaged mayhem, a so-called Christian can postulate that god is great because he saved her, the same god that destroyed the life of her five-year-old neighbor, sending her little body flying into a tree, smashing her skull and breaking her limbs because apparently such things bring it pleasure.

The fact is that when the existence of an invisible world of supernatural beings was devised, there was indeed an invisible world right under everyone's nose, living in their very bodies, their guts teeming with a world of microorganisms without which they would not be able to exist and that impacted their lives in important ways, yet of which they were completely unaware. The infallible world of religion devised many, what we now know were ridiculous, explanations of how god worked in  mysterious ways, and then the clergy used these mysterious ways to present themselves as shamans who had knowledge of why he did what he did ... but they didn't. They, no more than GW, had any clue as to what was causing someone's hair to fall out, but like the modern burning Bush, religion always comes up with it's own Hollywood-esque explanation so as to gain more power and persuade, or force, via threats of destruction, it's own will onto an otherwise unwilling populace.

The superimposition of this absurd super-naturalism onto a modern world is nowhere better demonstrated than with the ridiculous gender identification of the Supreme Being. The US election has been said (wrongly, of course, but it was the source of much anger) to have been won or lost because of bathroom rights for so-called transgendered, those against such rights being especially vehement about god-given biological mandates reflected by one's genitalia. These same people can, with no more inner reflection than a cockroach, blithely refer to a supernatural phenomenon that has neither a need nor a desire for procreation, as "he", thereby conferring onto it a cock and balls which have neither function nor necessity. Yet without these accouterments, there is nothing to justify the designation of the deity as a Him, nor as those who protest such an appellation, as a Her.

Yet invisible, but very real, accumulations of actual entities in the atmosphere are denied by the same people who brutalize their own children to brainwash them into their non-thinking mindset, before they have any way to defend themselves, for the sole purpose of ensuring that their offspring will also demand that the way we live revert to the way a stone-age mentality demands we should. Because some tome dreamed up by the minds of ape-men will continue to force mankind into channelized thought patterns that will destroy his chances of survival, thereby proving their thesis of the ordained annihilation of mankind, bringing it about simply to prove that their fairy tale thinking is right.

The War we are all currently engaged in is a religious War, one in which the main instigators are the Jews and the Christians, not the Muslims whose land has been occupied, invaded, no-fly-zoned, and threatened to be turned into a sheet of glass by atomic incineration. They merely committed the unforgivable crime of living in the land astride an ocean of oil for which they had no use.

Yet this one fact, that the only reason the West is interested in this particular piece of geography is solely to extract energy resources vital for its own functioning, is never mentioned. Whereas in the run-up to the Iraq War, placards were waved in the air by protesters proclaiming, "No War for Oil",  ever since then, the connection between the West's (and now the world's) insatiable thirst for hydrocarbons and the rapacious nature of its involvement in the Middle East, including the confiscation of Palestine and the creation of an apartheid nation for Jews in its stead, also done for the aggrandizement of the West and immolation of the Mid-East, is never mentioned. Yet the three largest producers of the substance that no one talks about anymore, as though solar, nuclear and wind-generated energy have made the concept of peak oil obsolete, The US of A, Russia and Saudi Arabia, are all three of them right now engaged separately, not with each other, as that would be too frightening for their cowardly citizens to contemplate, but with pathetically-armed tribal antagonists onto whose heads they can with impunity demonstrate their military prowess by dropping incendiary, depleted uranium, cluster, and drone-delivered bombs.

These are all God-fearing and scripture-quoting nations whose citizens profess to believe in this so-called god even as they completely support the murder of defenseless women and children for no other reason than to make the world safe for Hypocrisy. All of them professing a disdain for perverts and deviants even as their hands are dripping in blood and their economies kept from crumbling only by the manufacture and deployment of the same weapons of mass destruction for which they started the War in the Middle East in the first place.

These sobering facts that no CNN or BBC, no Daily Post or NYT, or any news outlet, anywhere, ever deigns to discuss, make it all-too evident that this world is not ruled by some superior, invisible, imaginary being, but by a murderous, drunk little tyrant who gloats over other creatures while it grinds them into the dust. We call this tyrant, Man.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Odds are Evening.

A Flare for Destruction.

Carter Sickel's, The Evening Hour, reminded me of a line from Kobek's, i hate the internet. It was a very simple line, but somehow very effective, and went something like, "It was like being knocked down and kicked, again and again and again and again and again and again, and again. Which is exactly what happens to Cole Freeman, his last name being as ironic as the first, as Mr. Sickel conjures the town of Dove Creek, West Virginia and its doomed oxy-addled inhabitants.

Cole's been beat up one side the head and down the other. His father left  his pregnant-with-him mom whose grandfather drove her to the bus stop outta town right after his birth, although he was always told she left in a hurry on her own, which he didn't have trouble believing since all he ever got from her were postcards. He gets beaten up, threatened at gunpoint, flooded out of his trailer, loses his boyhood friend whose killed by the cops, fails repeatedly at love, and quite generally is not enjoying the life a nurse's aid in an old-folks' home pilfering their belongings whose buying pills from elderly medicare patients and selling them to opioid addicts, had promised. Disgusted finally, he settles his Grams and Mom (whose returned, her newly-acquired breasts el flagrante), and, as he's leaving town, or, to be more accurate, on the way out of town, he parks his battered vehicle offroad and starts a long trek up the mountain to get a glimpse of the other side, a prospect the desolation of which he discovered he was ill-prepared to process.

Upon looking at the other-worldly endless gutted expanse, he collapses to the  ground, rolling over and lying flat out and staring at the sky; he soon finds himself ruminating on how we, or at least, he, belong to the earth, thinking on which, he is soon seduced by the aromatic smells, wild and subtle sounds, and surprising warmth of the embrace a fecund earth cycling back into newly sprung life, such that they overwhelm him with the realization of how fragile is this thread of existence we habitually assume is so durable.

But our society, you see, one for which West Virginia gave what's considered their big fat stamp of approval, or at least that's the interpretation of  the election results, thinks otherwise.

Because this attitude, the attitude of belonging to the earth, is in opposition to the Capitalist ethos that insists, quite strongly, ya know, with guns and things, that, well, not quite, it's the other way around: the earth belongs to me.

So here we have a denizen of what's considered to be the heart of American conservatism, literally the Bible belt, as Cole's father is a snake-handling preacher of fire and doom, in complete accord as to its relationship with the land, the earth, our mother, as the Native Americans in North Dakota who are trying to protect their burial grounds and water rights from being destroyed by a pipeline for some of the dirtiest (and corrosive) oil being produced anywhere in the world: Canadian oil sands. Ie, by figuratively the same people. With Cole's man in the White house shutting down his real allies, the people whose beliefs he comes closest to feeling in his heart, in North Dakota who are protesting the same thing his girlfriend had been protesting in the mountains of West Virginia: rampant destruction of sacred lands for private gain by Fossil-fueled greed stoking free-for-all Capitalism.

 And, since, given the election results, we should all contemplate the possible layers of meaning the idea of making America Great again might suggest, we should look more closely at the philosophical underpinnings of our closest, and costliest, ally, the State of Israel, that believes:

Descent is crucial to Jewish identity discourse in Israel because direct lineal
descent from antiquity is the main reason given by political-Zionist philosophers
for why Jews today hold the right to self-determination in the land of Palestine. In
this view, all Jews retain a special relationship and rights to the land of Palestine,
granted by covenant with God: some schools of Zionism hold that Israel is the
successor State to the Jewish kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon. That claim is
expressed, inter alia, in the Declaration of Independence of Israel, which affirms
that Jews today trace their ancestry to an earlier national life in the geography of
Palestine and therefore have an inalienable right to “return”, which is given
precedence over positive law:

The Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious
and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural
values of national and universal significance and gave to the world the eternal Book
of Books. After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people kept faith with it throughout their
Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in
it of their political freedom. Impelled by this historic and traditional attachment, Jews strove in every successive generation to re-establish themselves in their ancient homeland. In recent decades they
returned in their masses. […]

That claim to unbroken lineal descent from antiquity attributes collective rights to
the “land of Israel” to an entire group on the basis of its (supposed) bloodlines.

 So returning to what would make America great again, it becomes clear, that, in Israeli thought, to make America great again, the only real Americans, the ones the National Anthem refers to w ith the phrase, The Home of the Braves, are their corollary in North American tribal descendants, the Indians, who have been "Impelled by this historic and traditional attachment, Sioux strove in every successive generation to re-establish themselves in their ancient homeland", because, like Jews, "Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped".

As stated by this declaration, there exists a Manifest Destiny of Native Americans to "regain control of their land, having been forcibly exiled, and never cease to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom."

So like Cole, our truly land-loving West Virginian mining country inhabitant, the same desolation he sees wreaked by Heritage, the strip mining company, on his beloved pristine wilderness, is akin to what any Native American is subjected to looking down over a traffic-clogged freeway snaking on for mile after steaming mile, a pulsating river of molded metal swelling to a molten crescendo that is in spate twice a day, after which, it dries up to nothing but a trickle, a territorially huge monstrosity lying as naked and inhospitable as a desert sizzling under a merciless sun, basking in expectation of an approaching downpour.

So in what must seem like a trivial pursuit of whether the earth belongs to us or we belong to the earth, is embodied the most-often used justification for War and the territory it is used to either usurp or defend, and nascent in that is the contradiction inherent in being a native American who is not a Native American, and the question of how ethnic, racial, religious, as well as minority, rights are to be upheld in a world exploding in a New rabid Nationalism even as its only path to prosperity demands an all-consuming internationalism.

But how can we determine methodologies and a legal framework to adjudicate such a regime of not just tolerance, but acceptance and social interaction, if the countries that stand as the guardians of those rights not only tolerate, but enshrine into law, policies that fly in the face of those inalienable (unless you're an alien) rights? You wouldn't be too pessimistic if you were to think those beliefs were in their twilight, had perhaps even arrived at The Evening Hour.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All's Quiet on the West's Earnings Front Man.

Coy George: Anyone up for a Quick  'Game of Drones?"

There has nor will there ever be, a Front man like Trump. As he and the media castigate each other in a trumped-up battle of the Stars' war, there is no better example of the Trumpeting all around the Wall St. of Jericho than MS.NBC, Rachel Madcow's, La Vache enragee,

whose show has really really, really turned into, just as before the election, all Trump all the time.

Simultaneously, we have Jimmie Kill'emall, castigating Trump at the Oscars and the very next week, joking with the War criminal and mass murderer GW Bush, the same war mongering scion of the Bush dynasty whose crony-packed administration The Donald used as his template. Meanwhile Ellen So Degenerous poses with GW, smiling as if to say, "It wasn't personal; it was all done for profit, and we're all that much richer now (especially moi), so can't we all just get along?"

Okay, yeah, Sure, NOW, he believes in the free press. Let's forget that he had reporters killed, presumably to free them from the shackles of mortality. It was George Bush that would only allow "embedded" reporters in Iraq, while the military picked off those not embedded from helicopters; it was George Bush that took office with oil at $11/bbl and drove it to $147/bbl; that self-same George Bush who reigned as speculators, GSE's and TBTF banks skimmed a hefty chunk of US GDP into their pockets and Texas poured government-financed investment into fracking, while the ethanol manufacturers used the Bush largess to build one after another coal-fired power plant every week he was in office (surging from 1000 at the beginning of the Bush reign to 1425 by the time he left in disgrace) and ran the country for criminal interests such as Kenneth Lay's (who he considered for Secretary of Energy, but there were so many of the Texas Mafia in his administration, even he thought it would be a tad unseemly) Enron, for the fun and profit of the 'have mores' in the oil industry, who used this expressed prejudice for his own class as permission to rape the State of California while Cheney kept FERC from doing its job, ultimately driving first that economy, then the rest of the nation, and finally the entire world, over a cliff while Texas boomed.

Yes, it was the Bush family strategy that was the template The Donald used as his plan to run the country for HIS own family and cronies, that's why during the Republican debates, he eliminated Jeb first: "Oh no you don't! Now it's my turn" (because we have "low energy" prices?).

But We the people must never forget the smirking chimp's crimes!

He not only allowed the entire financial system to be run as a criminal enterprise, he abetted and sanctioned its transformation into the same in order to pay for his mad Global War on the Islamic World. Just because Obambam was incapable of unraveling the chaos the Bush family engendered in order to fill their coffers with filthy lucre, does not mean that Bush's crimes are any less horrendous, the tens of thousands of people he had killed any less dead.

Without GW, there would BE no Trump Presidency. Without GW, there would BE no ISIS. No Syrian Civil War, which country was made unstable because of refugees fleeing into it from the War on Iraqi's, who had done nothing to those US citizens who cheered the onslaught against a defenseless country with such shameless, cowardly cries as, "Bomb them back into the Stone Age", since doing so would be a mere "Cakewalk", as though either one of those sentiments are justification for invading a Sovereign State that was no threat to us. And now we have the darlings of  liberals, or the What's Left, trading wisecracks with Bush like they're smoking reef with him in the poolroom with Harold and Kumar, the mass murderer shrugging off his crimes like it's just politics, no harm done, dude; we gotta keep the commies, I mean, rug-kissers, whatever, at bay.

And the reason, the dynamic that makes the shell games of deceit so necessary, is told by the soaring stock market, even as the ability of the very companies listed thereon become less and less able to justify their rising valuations. Western economies on the whole, no matter which "Party" is trying to make America grate again so that we can Party on, haven't got the ability to deliver on the promises that Capitalism makes, because the new paradigm of expensive energy is untenable with the excess profits needed to provide the very things the Left wants: High wages, "Free Healthcare"  (How? Nothing's actually free, so who pays? It is a service, and requires highly paid professionals to provide it), the same of which can be said for Free education, free/low-cost housing, pensions, vacations, sick time, holidays, prisons that drain more money from the hard-working citizens who, although unable to provide healthcare for their own children, must pay for it for an ever-swelling population of criminals (which could either refer to the inmates or the Corporations that run the prisons for profit), a population that's been growing at a far faster pace than their paychecks.

Time and again, far from Capitalism making the promises it did a century ago, it contrarily tells us right to our face, this is the best we can offer: it can't deliver on any of the things it once used to entice us to let it run rampant all over us, yet we insist, it being, after all, the end of history, that there's no alternative but penury and we must all go quietly into that night of, not austerity, but intractable poverty. And Why? Because Capitalism finally admits, screams in our collective faces in fact, that it can't afford to pay its workers even a salary they can actually live on, never mind any benefits, like overtime for working more hours in three days than our parents worked in an entire workweek. Instead of sniping at one another, maybe we should learn from our black citizens, who learned the  hard way that Capitalism can't exist without slavery. The threat of force lies at its very heart.

You can't have a free press that will actually discuss these issue that are so relevant to our lives when you have advertisers bankrolling the entire content of what is printed, the front page screaming, "Buy Me", while the interior is one big glorified ad, with the one service it used to provide prospective workers, the Help Wanted ads, banished from its pages, ensuring that only the well-connected have access to jobs. Years ago, poor and unemployed in the City that's since morphed into Suckerburg, San Francisco, I could pick up a discarded newspaper and apply for a job from the listings therein, not now. No i-phone? Bad credit check? No student-loan-enabled Certificate of Indenture from a fatuous university? Get lost. In fact, don't even bother to show up ... we don't want you. We prefer illegal immigrants, preferably Asians who's government tailors their education specifically toward American-required skills while ours squanders precious resources litigating bathroom rights.

 We will buy your GSE-backed Sally Mae bonds though, what's the point of having all these loan serfs living in debt-bondage, forever relegated to living in their parents' basements, if we can't make a killing off them?

 As the Free press, by which I mean the advertiser-sponsored MSM, there being no other kind, continues to spill way more quantities of ink than Oroville dam overflowed water, smearing it over rain-forest-depleting paper to decry a Presidency the candidacy of which their relentless coverage enabled to achieve in the first place, continues their money-grubbing (that's all it is, their revenues are dependent on the Circus staying in town, and there's no better Let Freedom Wringling Brother than Mr. Trump), it should be obvious that we're being played yet again, by the same type of tempest in a teapot that enabled the Bush Presidency to run roughshod over the entire economy and turn it into nothing more than a racket, with the polity cheering them on while Wall St. literally made a killing, little aware that we were the ones being set up to be killed. So the outcome will, naturally, be the same: a whirlwind of finance-enabled pseudo-prosperity followed by a crash with another round of kill-everyone-now thrown in for our entertainment. Asia, however, appears like it will be the epicenter for this round of mayhem for the Arc of Instability, that arc being attached to the end of the Big Stick suggested by the Monroe Doctrine, forming a scythe to mow down all Enemies of the People's Empire: those people being, as per our utterly corrupt SCOTUS, the Corporations that now comprise the people referred to in the phrase, "Of the People, for the People, and by the People". Remember, in their landmark decision, it was "Citizens" that lost, the People won, among whom you are not counted; you are a mere Human Resource. Welcome to the slag heap. Make sure you give Dubya a friendly Slap on the back on your way out.

Friday, March 3, 2017

FireWall St: The Siliconned Valley's SuperSillyUs Culture.

After reading Jarett Kobeck's, "i hate the internet", I was  relieved to see that someone else shares my belief in the fact that the largest manifestation of the Semmelweis effect is the Internet and its evil twin, the computerization of everything. What the Semmelweiss effect refers to is a situation in which the treatment is worse than the affliction, but data or statistics that demonstrate this are rejected, simply because they fly in the face of established ideas. The medical study of which is known as Iatrogenics, ie, causing more harm while trying to help.

 In Internet parlance, though, it is the Firewall effect: keeping out what is inconsonant with the environment you wish to maintain; a good thing when that environment is your local Lan, not so much when it is thoughts or opinions that threaten your impeccably correct view of the world, the "talk to the hand" generation's mental blinders that go hand-in-hand with the glassframes so in vogue that perform the same function physically: deliberately blinding themselves from peripheral images that may disturb their equanimity, increasing their chances of literally being blind-sided simply in order to look fashionable. Yet, to anyone outside their little bubble, they simply look moronic.
F'eyerWall Frames

An example of this might be the fact that fewer pedestrians die jaywalking than using crosswalks. Because this fact seems to indicate we should do away with crosswalks, it is simply rejected as a statistical anomaly whereas it, instead, is what one would extrapolate from the knowledge of human behavior. A person observed using a crosswalk can be seen acting as though the lines that marked it off constituted a physical barrier to oncoming traffic, which attitude actually increases their chances of being run down. A jaywalker, contrarily, is far more wary, if for no other reason than that they must not only watch for onrushing vehicles, but for the police intent on meeting their citation quotas.

Although  he sometimes comes off as something of a Semmelweisguy, Kobeck throws off such phrases as, "... in the mid-nineties, it was very hard to look at America and not feel like its unwitting citizens had been born into complex systems of unfathomable evil", it is reassuring to me that someone outside the purview of the computer/telephony industries, was seeing reality in what I had thought was only discernible to me because of the fact that I was in the belly of the beast. And because of that, I knew what most people, as evidenced by the shock that ensued from Snowden's revelations, didn't, which is that the internet was a creation of the US DOD, and, like nuclear power, was only let loose into the private sector as a way to pay for the enormous crippling costs it was imposing on the economic system it needed to sustain it. It didn't become so integral a part o for economic and financialized worlds that they would collapse without it by accident. Nor, even more ridiculously, by happenstance.

But like the automobile industry, its promises are contrary to its actual effect. The car, that symbol of mobility, that has now taken over every hamlet, as well as every major urban center, has, after decades of untrammeled proliferation, left the country in such desperate shape that its citizens voted in as their President a vulgar, crass, autocrat (no pun intended (and if you believe that, it's no wonder we're in the straits we're in)), precisely because they felt they couldn't get anywhere. This despite being inundated with cars and their resultant poisonous atmosphere, creating a new generation of kids with crippling asthma, so they are unable to walk anywhere, necessitating even more use of the very machine that robbed their body of its ability of sustained mobility, the car, that was promulgated as a means of increasing their mobility. Which, in a sense, it has: they can now go nowhere that much faster.

Talking about the internet always reminds me of a day in the nineties when I was sitting on the sofa listening to the radio while checking my day's workload. Alex Bennett was interviewing some nerd about the internet and asked him a question, after which you could  hear him clickety-clacketing away on his keyboard. After a coupla minutes of this, I got up and walked across the room, picked up my dictionary and opened it up to the category that would supply me with the answer, which I retrieved while Alex's guest was still clickety-clacketing away. I felt like Katherine Hepburn in "The Desk Set" (well, not exactly, she was getting paid).

During that era, I was a Field Engineer, although I neither worked in a field nor was an engineer, for a computer company that operated in an IBM environment, meaning the equipment was located in an environmentally-controlled Data Center wherein was located a black locker containing what we used to call our "paper brains" - manuals that had service diagrams and flow charts that detailed the working  of our equipment and its configuration at that particular site so that we needn't rely solely on our fallible organic memory in the midst of an outage. The internet has adopted that concept by substituting "cloud computing" for paper brains, extending the mind's capabilities beyond the confines of our own cranium and giving it 'instant' access to the thoughts and data of a far larger environment. A marvel of human ideation, to be sure, but one, like all marvels, that comes at a price, that being the trimming of dendrites in our own memory resulting in an incapacity to recall what should be in our CPU memory without accessing its remote component, literally creating clouded thinking by design.

And this externalization of our brain's capacity has only grown so that now the simplest of tasks, such as unlocking your car door, is dependent on a series of interlocking mechanisms run by underlying software, that, if something the programmer didn't foresee in fact happens, can keep you from accessing your own vehicle with your own key. This should make it apparent that it was conceived and constructed for an entirely different purpose: not to make information available for free to anyone anywhere, but to gather more and more information behind a firewall of passwords, ISP's and Domains to which the hoi polloi without means will have no ability to access. It will take away all alternate sources of information that are at-hand and erect a barrier of electro-mechanical impenetrability to restrict access by eliminating any other source and enabling only those that are centralized and kept inaccessible and under password protection.

As an example of this is the ubiquitous camera phone. Whereas pre-internet there was a diverse range of expertise as to what an f-stop is or what shutter speed should be set to attain certain effects, what film was best, what lighting needed, etc, a whole science of photography spread not only all over the country, but all over the world, has now become atrophied, replaced by centralized knowledge, which the merest peasant can use, without knowing anything about how it operates. A Blessing on one side of it. But like all blessings, it has its dark side as well, and that dark side is that all alternatives are forgotten or destroyed, and once your ISP bill goes unpaid, or your cell phone runs out of charge, all that info is inaccessible, all your info as well, as most people don't even know their own best friend's phone number. It is in the phone, why bother?

In the penultimate chapter of a very entertaining book, Kobek enumerates the reasons he hates the supersillyus culture (or lack thereof) of FireWall St, and screams his reasons for thinking we've all been Sillyconned Valley'ed. Which is that we've turned the internet into a vast entity for the introduction of advertisement into every arena of our lives, arguing that by its existence everywhere on the internet that no matter what your intention, you're making money for some rich white dude (Kobek has a distinct animosity for all Caucasians which he misses no opportunity to indulge). And advertising, by its very nature, is dissembling at best, outright lies at its worst. And these lies are downloaded to your machine first, because the algorithms which are in charge have given them a higher priority than the data you were actually seeking to retrieve. You may not think they have a higher priority, but what your priorities are doesn't really matter; the network's do.

But his most cogent arguments could be used as signboard to the Democratic party for their loss of the election, as it seems to pointedly address their mindset:

"Fuck your unbelievable ability to pick on the powerless. Fuck all the crocodile tears that you shed every time a mentally backwards idiot calls some Turk a towelhead camelfucker! I don't give a fuck about the opinions of illiterate gas station attendants in Dubuque! It's so easy to demonstrate your own righteousness and it's so easy to challenge the social order when all you're doing is picking on idiots that are better off ignored and left to wither in the stench of their own lives! You have transformed activism into high school politics! And doing so using systems engineered to prey on the worst instincts of the human race because preying on the worst instincts of people is a much better way of generating advertising revenue than appeals to our better nature (by extending the reach of an already insidious Capitalism that also preys on our worst instincts).

Kobek then goes on to prove he's  unafraid to visit topics no FireWall St dwellers would dare, as he makes the astonishing (because it's so true one dare not speak of it) observation that the Zuckerbergs of the world have changed San Francisco into Suckerburg, where the goal is to replace every person in the workforce with wageslaves from Asian countries, because Asians will always work for 1/3 the salaries. But tech workers were so busy getting their degrees in Computer science that they never bothered to get a political education and have no idea of what's happening to them, so they fritter away their overblown salaries on smartphones and stupid water as though they'll always be making incomes in the stratosphere, but the future holds no such jobs. Yet these are the supersillyous know-it-alls who view the rest of society with contempt. And they all voted for Hillary Clinton and are convinced the only explanation for their completely being blindsided by her loss just has to be those evil conniving Russians interfering with our erections (sic).

They are incapable of the introspection necessary to arrive at the Pogo observation that "We have met the enemy and he is Us", because the Semmelweis effect is unobserved, despite the anti-social nature of the social networks they blithely continue to use in the face of the now common knowledge that it is a tool of repression, surveillance and targeted advertisement that is called "free" despite its onerous costs in not just personal relationships but energy usage, its needs of which are prodigious, exactly the opposite of what it promised during its implementation but which promises have long since been forgotten.

All of which isn't to say that I hate the internet, but merely to point out that, like most things in modern life that rely on networks to deliver their benefits, there is a vast hidden arrayed infrastructure, the man behind the curtain having morphed into a whole range of ISP's, DNS servers, IP addressing, packet protocols, and Cisco-powered WANs, MANs and LANs to deliver what looks like a magical result, and that structure requires disproportionate concentrations of manpower on upgrading, guarding, constant enhancement, and subterfuge to maintain and power, the demands of which burn entire mountaintops worth of coal in order to cool what would otherwise be the fried microchips and wafers of this vast installed base of silicone. But all that is ignored by the sillyconned who prefer to keep all that firewalled out of their picture of the world, as it makes it too complicated; its true, staggering costs too apparent, which would in turn make the urgent need of a cost/basis analysis undeniable.