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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All's Quiet on the West's Earnings Front Man.

Coy George: Anyone up for a Quick  'Game of Drones?"

There has nor will there ever be, a Front man like Trump. As he and the media castigate each other in a trumped-up battle of the Stars' war, there is no better example of the Trumpeting all around the Wall St. of Jericho than MS.NBC, Rachel Madcow's, La Vache enragee,

whose show has really really, really turned into, just as before the election, all Trump all the time.

Simultaneously, we have Jimmie Kill'emall, castigating Trump at the Oscars and the very next week, joking with the War criminal and mass murderer GW Bush, the same war mongering scion of the Bush dynasty whose crony-packed administration The Donald used as his template. Meanwhile Ellen So Degenerous poses with GW, smiling as if to say, "It wasn't personal; it was all done for profit, and we're all that much richer now (especially moi), so can't we all just get along?"

Okay, yeah, Sure, NOW, he believes in the free press. Let's forget that he had reporters killed, presumably to free them from the shackles of mortality. It was George Bush that would only allow "embedded" reporters in Iraq, while the military picked off those not embedded from helicopters; it was George Bush that took office with oil at $11/bbl and drove it to $147/bbl; that self-same George Bush who reigned as speculators, GSE's and TBTF banks skimmed a hefty chunk of US GDP into their pockets and Texas poured government-financed investment into fracking, while the ethanol manufacturers used the Bush largess to build one after another coal-fired power plant every week he was in office (surging from 1000 at the beginning of the Bush reign to 1425 by the time he left in disgrace) and ran the country for criminal interests such as Kenneth Lay's (who he considered for Secretary of Energy, but there were so many of the Texas Mafia in his administration, even he thought it would be a tad unseemly) Enron, for the fun and profit of the 'have mores' in the oil industry, who used this expressed prejudice for his own class as permission to rape the State of California while Cheney kept FERC from doing its job, ultimately driving first that economy, then the rest of the nation, and finally the entire world, over a cliff while Texas boomed.

Yes, it was the Bush family strategy that was the template The Donald used as his plan to run the country for HIS own family and cronies, that's why during the Republican debates, he eliminated Jeb first: "Oh no you don't! Now it's my turn" (because we have "low energy" prices?).

But We the people must never forget the smirking chimp's crimes!

He not only allowed the entire financial system to be run as a criminal enterprise, he abetted and sanctioned its transformation into the same in order to pay for his mad Global War on the Islamic World. Just because Obambam was incapable of unraveling the chaos the Bush family engendered in order to fill their coffers with filthy lucre, does not mean that Bush's crimes are any less horrendous, the tens of thousands of people he had killed any less dead.

Without GW, there would BE no Trump Presidency. Without GW, there would BE no ISIS. No Syrian Civil War, which country was made unstable because of refugees fleeing into it from the War on Iraqi's, who had done nothing to those US citizens who cheered the onslaught against a defenseless country with such shameless, cowardly cries as, "Bomb them back into the Stone Age", since doing so would be a mere "Cakewalk", as though either one of those sentiments are justification for invading a Sovereign State that was no threat to us. And now we have the darlings of  liberals, or the What's Left, trading wisecracks with Bush like they're smoking reef with him in the poolroom with Harold and Kumar, the mass murderer shrugging off his crimes like it's just politics, no harm done, dude; we gotta keep the commies, I mean, rug-kissers, whatever, at bay.

And the reason, the dynamic that makes the shell games of deceit so necessary, is told by the soaring stock market, even as the ability of the very companies listed thereon become less and less able to justify their rising valuations. Western economies on the whole, no matter which "Party" is trying to make America grate again so that we can Party on, haven't got the ability to deliver on the promises that Capitalism makes, because the new paradigm of expensive energy is untenable with the excess profits needed to provide the very things the Left wants: High wages, "Free Healthcare"  (How? Nothing's actually free, so who pays? It is a service, and requires highly paid professionals to provide it), the same of which can be said for Free education, free/low-cost housing, pensions, vacations, sick time, holidays, prisons that drain more money from the hard-working citizens who, although unable to provide healthcare for their own children, must pay for it for an ever-swelling population of criminals (which could either refer to the inmates or the Corporations that run the prisons for profit), a population that's been growing at a far faster pace than their paychecks.

Time and again, far from Capitalism making the promises it did a century ago, it contrarily tells us right to our face, this is the best we can offer: it can't deliver on any of the things it once used to entice us to let it run rampant all over us, yet we insist, it being, after all, the end of history, that there's no alternative but penury and we must all go quietly into that night of, not austerity, but intractable poverty. And Why? Because Capitalism finally admits, screams in our collective faces in fact, that it can't afford to pay its workers even a salary they can actually live on, never mind any benefits, like overtime for working more hours in three days than our parents worked in an entire workweek. Instead of sniping at one another, maybe we should learn from our black citizens, who learned the  hard way that Capitalism can't exist without slavery. The threat of force lies at its very heart.

You can't have a free press that will actually discuss these issue that are so relevant to our lives when you have advertisers bankrolling the entire content of what is printed, the front page screaming, "Buy Me", while the interior is one big glorified ad, with the one service it used to provide prospective workers, the Help Wanted ads, banished from its pages, ensuring that only the well-connected have access to jobs. Years ago, poor and unemployed in the City that's since morphed into Suckerburg, San Francisco, I could pick up a discarded newspaper and apply for a job from the listings therein, not now. No i-phone? Bad credit check? No student-loan-enabled Certificate of Indenture from a fatuous university? Get lost. In fact, don't even bother to show up ... we don't want you. We prefer illegal immigrants, preferably Asians who's government tailors their education specifically toward American-required skills while ours squanders precious resources litigating bathroom rights.

 We will buy your GSE-backed Sally Mae bonds though, what's the point of having all these loan serfs living in debt-bondage, forever relegated to living in their parents' basements, if we can't make a killing off them?

 As the Free press, by which I mean the advertiser-sponsored MSM, there being no other kind, continues to spill way more quantities of ink than Oroville dam overflowed water, smearing it over rain-forest-depleting paper to decry a Presidency the candidacy of which their relentless coverage enabled to achieve in the first place, continues their money-grubbing (that's all it is, their revenues are dependent on the Circus staying in town, and there's no better Let Freedom Wringling Brother than Mr. Trump), it should be obvious that we're being played yet again, by the same type of tempest in a teapot that enabled the Bush Presidency to run roughshod over the entire economy and turn it into nothing more than a racket, with the polity cheering them on while Wall St. literally made a killing, little aware that we were the ones being set up to be killed. So the outcome will, naturally, be the same: a whirlwind of finance-enabled pseudo-prosperity followed by a crash with another round of kill-everyone-now thrown in for our entertainment. Asia, however, appears like it will be the epicenter for this round of mayhem for the Arc of Instability, that arc being attached to the end of the Big Stick suggested by the Monroe Doctrine, forming a scythe to mow down all Enemies of the People's Empire: those people being, as per our utterly corrupt SCOTUS, the Corporations that now comprise the people referred to in the phrase, "Of the People, for the People, and by the People". Remember, in their landmark decision, it was "Citizens" that lost, the People won, among whom you are not counted; you are a mere Human Resource. Welcome to the slag heap. Make sure you give Dubya a friendly Slap on the back on your way out.

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