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The Pentagong Show

The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jennaration Gasp.


Each generation is born into a world where those with a brain as well as a heart can't find any support. The destructive work of previous generations leaves us a world that offers no security in the religious sphere, no guidance in the moral sphere, and no tranquility in the political sphere. We get thrown into the midst of metaphysical anguish, moral anxiety and political disquiet. Inebriated with objective analysis, with the acclaimed weapons of mere reason and science, the generations that preceded us did away with the foundations of faith, replacing it with an ersatz paganism that imbues the divine with sordid interventions in human affairs hardly becoming of a deity.

Standing in the midst of a tornado-ravaged mayhem, a so-called Christian can postulate that god is great because he saved her, the same god that destroyed the life of her five-year-old neighbor, sending her little body flying into a tree, smashing her skull and breaking her limbs because apparently such things bring it pleasure.

The fact is that when the existence of an invisible world of supernatural beings was devised, there was indeed an invisible world right under everyone's nose, living in their very bodies, their guts teeming with a world of microorganisms without which they would not be able to exist and that impacted their lives in important ways, yet of which they were completely unaware. The infallible world of religion devised many, what we now know were ridiculous, explanations of how god worked in  mysterious ways, and then the clergy used these mysterious ways to present themselves as shamans who had knowledge of why he did what he did ... but they didn't. They, no more than GW, had any clue as to what was causing someone's hair to fall out, but like the modern burning Bush, religion always comes up with it's own Hollywood-esque explanation so as to gain more power and persuade, or force, via threats of destruction, it's own will onto an otherwise unwilling populace.

The superimposition of this absurd super-naturalism onto a modern world is nowhere better demonstrated than with the ridiculous gender identification of the Supreme Being. The US election has been said (wrongly, of course, but it was the source of much anger) to have been won or lost because of bathroom rights for so-called transgendered, those against such rights being especially vehement about god-given biological mandates reflected by one's genitalia. These same people can, with no more inner reflection than a cockroach, blithely refer to a supernatural phenomenon that has neither a need nor a desire for procreation, as "he", thereby conferring onto it a cock and balls which have neither function nor necessity. Yet without these accouterments, there is nothing to justify the designation of the deity as a Him, nor as those who protest such an appellation, as a Her.

Yet invisible, but very real, accumulations of actual entities in the atmosphere are denied by the same people who brutalize their own children to brainwash them into their non-thinking mindset, before they have any way to defend themselves, for the sole purpose of ensuring that their offspring will also demand that the way we live revert to the way a stone-age mentality demands we should. Because some tome dreamed up by the minds of ape-men will continue to force mankind into channelized thought patterns that will destroy his chances of survival, thereby proving their thesis of the ordained annihilation of mankind, bringing it about simply to prove that their fairy tale thinking is right.

The War we are all currently engaged in is a religious War, one in which the main instigators are the Jews and the Christians, not the Muslims whose land has been occupied, invaded, no-fly-zoned, and threatened to be turned into a sheet of glass by atomic incineration. They merely committed the unforgivable crime of living in the land astride an ocean of oil for which they had no use.

Yet this one fact, that the only reason the West is interested in this particular piece of geography is solely to extract energy resources vital for its own functioning, is never mentioned. Whereas in the run-up to the Iraq War, placards were waved in the air by protesters proclaiming, "No War for Oil",  ever since then, the connection between the West's (and now the world's) insatiable thirst for hydrocarbons and the rapacious nature of its involvement in the Middle East, including the confiscation of Palestine and the creation of an apartheid nation for Jews in its stead, also done for the aggrandizement of the West and immolation of the Mid-East, is never mentioned. Yet the three largest producers of the substance that no one talks about anymore, as though solar, nuclear and wind-generated energy have made the concept of peak oil obsolete, The US of A, Russia and Saudi Arabia, are all three of them right now engaged separately, not with each other, as that would be too frightening for their cowardly citizens to contemplate, but with pathetically-armed tribal antagonists onto whose heads they can with impunity demonstrate their military prowess by dropping incendiary, depleted uranium, cluster, and drone-delivered bombs.

These are all God-fearing and scripture-quoting nations whose citizens profess to believe in this so-called god even as they completely support the murder of defenseless women and children for no other reason than to make the world safe for Hypocrisy. All of them professing a disdain for perverts and deviants even as their hands are dripping in blood and their economies kept from crumbling only by the manufacture and deployment of the same weapons of mass destruction for which they started the War in the Middle East in the first place.

These sobering facts that no CNN or BBC, no Daily Post or NYT, or any news outlet, anywhere, ever deigns to discuss, make it all-too evident that this world is not ruled by some superior, invisible, imaginary being, but by a murderous, drunk little tyrant who gloats over other creatures while it grinds them into the dust. We call this tyrant, Man.

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