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The Pentagong Show
United State of Terror: Is Drone War Fair?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trump L'oeil: The Vision of the Future That's a Stick in the Eye.

Floating Aloan: Riding the Petro.

U.S. factories still haven’t recovered from the recession, according to an article in The Washington Post. I wonder if they've receded from the recovery? If a recovery is what happens after a recession, what happens when the recovery is just a TARP?

There is a continuity to economic events, the signal of which is lost amidst the rah-rah speculative noise, much of which emanates from the Fed, the very organization that, were it doing its job, should be working to squelch it.

American Malls In Meltdown – The Economic Recovery Is Complete and Utter Fraud 

The crash in oil prices was received enthusiastically as amounting to a 'tax break' in that consumers having more money to spend. Remember that idea from just a year ago? Of course you don't. The one thing for which the  American public can be counted on is their complete lack of memory and their insouciant attitude toward their own demise. Kept distracted by such tittylations as Caitlyn's insistence that the foot attached to her 6'4" frame, that of a triathlon athlete, can be squeezed, as though he were one of Cinderella's step-sisters, into a lady's glass slipper, they simply don't have the time for such mundane issues as WTF the price of oil is, was, or will be, nor what that has to do with their everyday lives.

Since every economy on the globe, even the miracle economy of China, has been sinking, one might even say spiralling, down, the crash appears to be accelerating. Yet nowhere have I seen any direct connection being made between the termination of the Fed's QE3 and the implosion that has followed it, even thought there is in fact a direct link such that global growth took an immediate hit, one that was then cheerily wall-papered over, since the TARP, having wended its way into corporate coffers, had been already dissipated.

This is the great dilemma we face as humans, there is simply no way to change course from our current headlong rush to disaster without wrenching changes, yet, when such changes, which the Lehman collapse was certainly an example of, occur, the perpetrators of the calamity close rank, come up with a solution that will keep their power and control over the vital functionary levers of the economy firmly in their grip, then use our political "leaders" to foist said plan onto the rest of a sheepish public, a play right out of either John Perkins', "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", or Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine".

Yet even now, as voices of doom keep warning of the imminence of the collapse, nowhere do you hear any plan to do anything different than what was done the  last time, with the proviso that, now the Fed's bag of tricks has been emptied, and so, the last shuddering collapse will have nothing to stop it from leaving all the economies of the world, which we have so proudly strong-armed into leaving open to the known depredations of a predatory capitalist culture, from all going down together with no viable plan to kick start them into some kind of a functioning state. 

America’s silent-but-deadly billionaires: How our tight-lipped overlords are waging stealth campaigns against the middle class Salon

Okay, but how about the not-so-stealth campaign of the middle class that was waged against the poor during the Reagan years, and then continued into the Clinton era, that everyone ignored and in fact, at the dangled  prospect of getting rich themselves, totally bought into? That was the plan, set the middle class against the lower and they won't even notice that they're undermining their own wealth. And before you get all defensive, they pulled the same trick on themselves, or should I say, each other, so don't feel so bad. Even the middle-class is too busy running their everyday lives to have much time for concern for others (or so it always seems, then you read the stats on TV viewership, with hours per person in the 6-hour/day realm and ya gotta wonder ... if their lives are so, so busy, where does all that time come from that's spent in front of the tube?).

The real secret, although not really so secret, just not acknowledged, of the so-called Reagan Revolution, was that it was a Revolution of the Aristocracy against the yoke of overtaxation it felt it had been saddled with since WW2, and it needed a consummate salesman as their frontman, and since all actors are basically salesmen, the product they're selling usually being the role they've been cast in. Ronaldo Reagan was the perfect sleazy salesman to front for them. His Van Heusen days behind him, he was coiffed and governored and run on a platform that even the criminal from the CIA he chose for his VP categorized as Voodoo economics.

Bush had good reason to categorize The Plan as such, because it consisted of nothing less than subverting the Welfare State and re-establishing the Weathfare State. A generation after WW2, the Rich Club, in which he was a charter member, no longer had the need of the Credo "We're all in this together", used to persuade the masses to fall in line to fight for their (the aristocracy's) interests. Do or Die was the work order of the day, and it's the attitude Reagan was chosen to champion, as he could put it in terms more easily swallowed.

Using the same pretext that the Cliveden group in England used to support Hitler, namely, "defeating Communism" (ie crushing Labor and setting the stage for the biggest rout in Workers' rights since  ... well, ever!) as the rallying cry to allow the Bush/Reagan administration to subvert the economy and  manipulate the price of oil (while championing"Free Market" economics, no less. Oh the Irony!) by a concerted effort to invest in such hard-to-produce oil as the Alaskan slopes and the frigid North Sea, the Bush/Reagan duopoly perverted what they continuously, strenuously, kept referring to as the 'free' market, even as they purposely distorted it for purportedly geopolitical reasons while in actuality using such distortion to enrich the Bush family and its multifarious linked enterprises, with their fellow scalawag from 'across the pond' Margaret Thatcherhead, to help. Because it was her championing of the same perverted philosophy to enrich her cronies while impoverishing her countrymen, selling the vast store of resources in the North Sea for a fraction of their worth. In case you missed it, this is why the Jebbish Bush hailed her as a hero: he shares her same attitude toward society, that it exists only as Society. In deference to which she cringingly knelt before the crown to receive her Damenation from the queen of the damned who rains all HER kingdom's goodies into the coffers of the devils of Lorddom. The piers of the realm are indeed rotting right out from under the docktored economy.

Peter Schiff Warns: "The Whole Economy Has Imploded... Collapse Is Coming"

When the State desires your co-operation, even though it means it's a losing proposition from your point of view, they say it's for the greater good, or that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; but when the greedy require the State to enforce their control of the economy, such as raising the interest rate as Janet just did as a sop to the banks, imposing a tax on the economy that, instead of flowing into the Treasury's coffers, will instead fill the already-bloated bank accounts of the Captains of Sindustry, they demonstrate their real belief: that the greed of the Capitalistic few outweigh the real needs of the crushing majority of the many, who are comprised of the voiceless, powerless poor.

And now, with COPout21 behind us, we can clearly see (except in Beijing, where you can barely breathe, let alone see) that those needs aren't going to be ignored anymore. They're going to be submerged along with several South Sea islands, a third of Florida and a host of coastal cities, including New Orleans. 

The three largest sources of CO2 exhaust and no-cost (to them) polluting for the industries that are responsible for it, are Manufacturing, Auto Sales, and Shipping and Travel; yet not one of them was even mentioned at the conference. All of these industries require intense energy utilization, whether the products are ICE (although the term Internal Combustion Engine has been quietly abandoned, the Tons of CO2 spewing from more than  a billion exhaust pipes because of gasoline incineration has not) machines or electric, a minor percentage of the energy they consume will be coming from  windfarms. Nor was that benzedrine of constant stimulus to the global economy that creates massive unmonitored CO2 production (unmonitored because it comes under the rubric of National Security, the cost of which promises to kill us in order to save us): the manufactory of tons upon tons of weaponry of mass destruction stockpiled in the United States of Armamentaria, where no voice may ever be raised to protest the sheer folly, not to mention downright evil, of this concentration of destructive energy as the driving force of the greed-driven engine, blithely referred to as "Free-Market Economics". Instead, it's as though the mere incantation of these words frees its practitioners from all accountability for the hellacious repercussions, whether as individuals or nations, baked into its swaggering, adolescent "fuck you" attitude.

And now, one of its more heinous warlocks comes forth in the person of The Donald promising to do for Democracy what Hitler did for Socialism and Stalin did for Communism. In the process, he'll send it to the trash bin of history, having been proven to be too evil and too dangerous to ever allow it to run roughshod over a helpless global population again. He personifies Fukuyama's "The End of History", the title of which predicts what the Trytrumphalism, that mimics the triumphalism that the US indulged in at the fall of the USSR, will actually lead to: The end of history. As in no future:

No Democracy ... No Nation ... No World. 

Or at least not one capable of supporting complex life as we know it.

Yet the preparation to celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace continues unabated without a shred of self-awareness of the unmitigated hypocrisy evidenced by the fact that the generations growing up under the rubric of The World's Sole Superpower have been promised nothing more than a State of perpetual War. But as they flock into theaters to watch yet another chapter of the Star Wars saga, proving once again that no mater how long the US populace enthusiastically supports its government's fomenting an absurd state of  War against War, otherwise known as the War against Terror which War is the ultimate instrument of, they still find nothing so entertaining as even more War. Gone is the naive and kitsch fantasy of a mere trek into the unknown, an Enterprise of this scale needs the ultimate projection of power and control if it's to attract the viewership of millions, so the true barbaric heart must be on display and the bloodthirsty nature of humanity stoked for profit. And for that, the promise and glory of War had to be emblazoned in the very title. But as the force awakens, the peace slumbers, unaware of the danger to its reign. It looks like the Elois are perfectly content to accept the Morlocks' control of, not only their lives, but their minds as well.

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